Friday, March 28, 2008

In Somalia, a Government on Life Support

MOGADISHU, Somalia — The trouble started when government soldiers went to the market and, at gunpoint, began to help themselves to sacks of grain.

Islamist insurgents poured into the streets to defend the merchants. The government troops got hammered, taking heavy casualties and retreating all the way back to the presidential palace, supposedly the most secure place in the city. It too came under fire.

Mohamed Abdirizak, a top government official, crouched on a balcony at the palace, with bullets whizzing over his head. He had just given up a cushy life as a development consultant in Springfield, Virginia. His wife thought he was crazy. Sweat beaded on his forehead.
“I feel this slipping away,” he said.

By its own admission, the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia is on life support. When it came here to the capital 15 months ago, backed by thousands of Ethiopian troops, it was widely hailed as the best chance in years to end Somalia’s ceaseless cycles of war, chaos and suffering.
But now its leaders say that unless they get more help — international peacekeepers, weapons, training and money to pay their soldiers, among other things — this transitional government will fall just like the 13 governments that came before it.

Less than a third of the promised African Union soldiers have shown up, the United Nations has shied away from sending peacekeepers any time soon and even the Ethiopians are taking a back seat, often leaving the government’s defense to teenage Somali troops with clackety guns who are clearly overwhelmed.

The Islamists have been gaining recruits, overrunning towns and getting increasingly bold. The new prime minister, credited as the government’s best — and possibly last — hope, is reaching out to them, and some are receptive. But it is unclear whether he has the power within his own divided government to strike a meaningful peace deal before it is too late.

The looming failure is making many people here and abroad question the strategy of installing the transitional government by force. In December 2006, Ethiopians troops, aided by American intelligence, ousted the Islamist administration that briefly controlled Mogadishu, bringing the transitional government to the city for the first time.

The Bush Administration said it was concerned about terrorists using Somalia as a sanctuary. The hunt for them continues with a recent American cruise missile strike aimed at a terrorist suspect in southern Somalia, but it missed, wounded several civilians and promptly incited protests.

Many Somalis, European diplomats and critics in Congress also question the State Department’s decision this month to label a Somali resistance group a terrorist organization, which many fear will only boost its profile among the increasingly disillusioned populace.

“The policy has failed,” said Representative Donald M. Payne, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Africa and global health. “Were Baghdad-izing Mogadishu and Somalia. Were making people feel wrongly treated and pushing them toward more radical positions.”
In recent weeks, the Islamists have routed warlords and militiamen who have been absorbed into the government forces but are undermining what little progress transitional leaders have made with their predatory tactics, like looting food. After 17 years of civil war, Somalia’s violence seems to be driven not so much by clan hatred, ideology or religiosity but by something much simpler: survival.

“We haven’t been paid in eight months,” said one government soldier named Hassan. “We rob people so we can eat.”

Nur Hassan Hussein, the prime minister, did not deny government troops were robbing civilians. “This is the biggest problem we have,” he said in an interview in late March.
But, he said, he does not have the money to pay them. Each month, more than half of government’s revenue, mostly from port taxes, disappears — stolen by “our people,” the prime minister said.

That leaves Mr. Nur with about $18 million a year in government money to run a failed state of 9 million of some of the world’s neediest, most collectively traumatized people.
And failed state may be a generous term. In many ways, Somalia is not a state at all, but an ungoverned space between its neighbors and the sea. Sometimes it seems that if anything binds this country together, it is scar tissue.

Take Hassan Ali Elmi, who was blinded by a bullet in 1992 and has been living ever since in a cell-like room in the gutted former ministry of public works. His son tugs him into town to beg for the equivalent of a few pennies a day, which buy less and less. At night, he lies on a thin foam mattress and waits for the shooting to stop. It doesn’t.
“All Somalia, all gun,” he says.

His neighbors are recently displaced people living in cardboard huts that crumble in the rain. Aid organizations say that more than half of Mogadishu’s estimated one million people is on the run.
Many of the same elements that lined up in the early 1990s to create a famine are lining up again — war, drought, displacement, skyrocketing food prices and aid workers pulling out. The United Nations World Food Program said on Thursday, in a warning titled “Somalia Sinking Deeper into Abyss of Suffering,” that the country was the most dangerous in the world for aid workers.

Most Somalis don’t argue with that. They say Mogadishu is more capriciously violent than it has ever been, with roadside bombs, militias shelling each other across neighborhoods, doctors getting shot in the head and 10-year-olds hurling grenades. Police officials say that many insurgents are actually hungry children paid a few dollars for their work.

In the shrinking zone that the government controls in southern Mogadishu, a couple of buildings have been splashed with a fresh coat of paint and new immigration forms at the airport ask travelers for their name, purpose of journey and caliber of weapon. Girls wearing bandanas dribble basketballs in a gym. Men sell fish by the seaside. A beat of life goes on. But north Mogadishu is another story.

“It’s like `Mad Max’ out there,” said Abdi Awaleh Jama, an ambassador at large, pointing from the presidential palace north toward the expanse of huts and ruins stretching into the distance.
In the rat-tat-tat of nightly machine gunfire, people are beginning to hear the government’s death knell. Many residents have mixed feelings about this. They contend that the government has enabled warlords. They say, almost without exception, that things were better under the Islamists. But they fear what lies ahead.

“We’re getting addicted to anarchy,” said Dahabo Abdulleh, a fuel seller.
Mr. Nur, a former Red Crescent official who became prime minister in November, is trying to peel away moderate Islamists from militant ones and get them to negotiate. He is making concessions to business leaders, who are widely suspected of financing the Islamists out of clan allegiances, and allowing them to form their own protection force. United Nation officials are trying to boost Mr. Nur’s prospects by providing $14 million to pay key government salaries and fix up ministries.

“This is urgent,” said William Paton, the acting United Nations coordinator for Somalia. “They are on thin ice.”
Government officials say much of the resistance is simply spoilers who are deeply invested in the status quo of chaos, like gun runners, counterfeiters and importers of expired baby formula.
But some of the men believed to be the biggest spoilers are part of the government. To get clan support — and just as crucially — more militiamen, transitional leaders have cut deals with warlords like Mohammed Dheere, now Mogadishu’s mayor, and Abdi Qeybdid, now police chief. These are the same men that the C.I.A. paid in 2006 to fight the Islamists, which backfired because the population turned against them, mostly because of their legacy of terrorizing civilians.

Hassan, the government soldier, says he has been in one of these warlord militias since he was 8. He toted his first Kalashnikov at age 10. He cannot read or write. He has thin wrists, a delicate face, empty eyes and a wife and two children to feed, which is why he said he routinely sticks people up.

“We are losing,” he said.

He said many of his friends were defecting to the Islamists because that was the only way to survive.

The Islamists have briefly captured several towns in recent weeks, freeing prisoners, snatching weapons and then melting back into the bush. Gone are the beards and the checkered scarves they used to wear. Many, like a young man named Elmi, are clean shaven and favor crisply pressed suits.

Elmi, who like Hassan said he could not reveal his last name, said business owners have sold gold, real estate and sheep to raise money for the Islamists. Elmi said he was part of the battle at the market on March 20 that began with the looting, and that the government lost three trucks, which was corroborated by government soldiers.

“We were there because we are everywhere,” Elmi said.
Mr. Abdirizak, the government official, buried some of the victims of that battle, young government troops who were slipped into graves behind the presidential palace in the moonlight.
One soldier was named Abdi Rashid. He had been wounded in another firefight about a month ago, and according to Mr. Abdirizak, “he shouldn’t even have been out there that day. It’s just that we don’t have enough guys.”

Abdi Rashid was shot in the heart at the market as the Islamists surrounded government troops. His last words to his friends, who wanted to carry him to safety, were, “Get out of here, get out of here.”

Mr. Abdirizak fell silent.

“I’m not sure how long I’ll stay,” he finally said. “ I want to help. But I didn’t come here to get killed.”

Source: NewYork Times

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Uganda: Somali, Zanzibar, Djibouti Presidents Arrive

Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf, Zanzibar's Amani Abeid Karume and Djibouti's Sem Ismail Omar Guelleh

BY Henry Mukasa FOUR heads of state arrived yesterday to attend the official opening of the Gadaffi National Mosque and thanksgiving prayers.

Presidents Pierre Nkurunziza (Burundi), Sem Ismail Omar Guelleh (Djibouti), Amani Abeid Karume (Zanzibar) and Abdullahi Yusuf (Somalia) were invited by Libyan leader Maummar Gadaffi, who is on a four-day visit in Uganda. Gadaffi funded the completion of the national mosque at Old Kampala hill.

Abdullahi was the first to arrive at 9:00pm on Monday night. Karume, the chairman of the Zanzibar Revolutionary Council, is also the vice- president of the Republic of Tanzania. He landed at Entebbe yesterday afternoon.

Guelleh landed at dusk and was received by the Third Deputy Prime Minister, Kirunda Kivejinja.
In the evening, Entebbe Road witnessed a flurry of activity as the Police escorted various convoys to and from Entebbe airport.

As Guelleh was being driven to Munyonyo resort, his convoy met a long procession of ambassadors' cars at Kitubulu as they headed to State House Entebbe for a state banquet.
At Kitala, Guelleh was driven past the convoy of President Yoweri Museveni, who was heading to Entebbe to meet his guests.

Today, the presidents of New Guinea, Kenya, Rwanda and Chad are expected to join their colleagues. Sources said Gadaffi sent several aircraft to various African countries to ferry Muslims for the mosque inauguration and the prayers at Nakivubo Stadium.
Meanwhile, Madinah Tebajjukira reports that Gadaffi has blasted African leaders who have not prioritised the interests of their people, especially the marginalised women and vulnerable children.

Meeting women leaders from various institutions at Serena Hotel in Kampala, Gadaffi said African leaders should perceive the change sweeping through Africa as a social rather than a political one.

"The thinking of African leaders is directed towards election and political parties. They have no time to think about the youth, women, families and children. An African woman should think about herself and do something instead of paying attention to politicians," he implored amid chants of "Allahu-Akbar."

"You can have a dialogue with an African leader thinking he is thinking at the same level with you, yet he is thinking about future elections," he added, to more chants of "Allahu-Akbar, the president of the people."

"You are all aware of the situation and reality of Africa today. It's shifting from one position to another, and I wish it could be a social one to include the women, children and the youth," Gadaffi said. He repeated his earlier comments that African leaders are distracted by imminent elections, and whether their constitutions allow them more terms. "This is a problem."
He explained that the electoral system was copied from western countries and was not suitable to the African culture and environment.

"We have imported western systems and we have changed Africa. We are now grounded on political problems."

He cited the post-election violence that gripped Kenya after the disputed presidential elections last December.

About 1,000 people were killed in the ethnic clashes that followed.

Source: New Vision

Sunday, March 16, 2008

War rally marks Iraq anniversary

Hundreds of anti-war protesters have staged a demonstration in Glasgow marking five years since the start of the conflict in Iraq.

The Scottish demonstration is part of a day of action in a number of cities throughout the UK and abroad.

The rally heard calls for troop withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as opposition to possible action against Iran.

Among the marchers was Rose Gentle, whose son Gordon died in Iraq.

Military families She was leading a contingent of military families demanding that troops be brought home.
Mrs Gentle said: "The military families are here today to say this is five years and over the last five years we've lost a lot of our armed forces.

"It's five years now and it's time our boys came home and for Gordon Brown to set a date and say this is when they will be out of Iraq.

"We hope that he starts helping the families and injured and those with combat stress and the veterans."

Representatives from organisations including Solidarity, the Communist Party of Britain, EIS and Unison also took part in the march.

The demonstrators set off from Blythswood Square and marched to Glasgow Green for a rally with speakers including Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn.
Ms Sturgeon said: "Five years ago, thousands of people marched through the streets of Glasgow to say no to an illegal war in Iraq.

"Five years on, people across Scotland and now the party of government in Scotland still say no to this illegal war.

"All of us opposed to this war must continue to campaign for it to come to an end, for an end to the loss of thousands of lives and for our troops to come home safely."
Other cities participating in the worldwide protest organised by the Stop the War Coalition include London, Washington, Beirut, Sydney and Seoul.

The Glasgow march was organised by the Stop the War Coalition Scotland.

Source: BBC

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rice oo abaal marisay gabar Soomaaliyeed

Farxiyo Faarax Ibraahim, oo ah gabar Soomaaliyeed, ayaa toddobaadkan ka mid noqotay sideed dumar ah oo la guddoonsiiyey billada caalamiga ah ee dumarka lagu tilmaamo geesiyaasha.

Abaal marintaasi ayaa munaasabadaasi maalinta haweenka dunida waxaa bixiya Xoghayaha Arrimaha Dibadda ee Mareyakanka, Condoleezza Rice, oo siisa haween ay u garato ineey qeyb weyn ka qaateen sare u qaadidda tayada nolosha haweenka caalamka.
Gabadhan oo 25-jirka ah, ayaa billadan ku muteysatay olole ay kula dagaallameysay gudniinka fircooniga oo ay ka wadday xeryada qaxootiga ee Ifo ee ku taalla wgobolka Waqooyi Bari ee waddanka Kenya.

Saacado kaddib markii ay billada ka soo qaadatay xarunta wasaaradda arrimaha dibadda ayeey Farxiyo u warrantay wariyaha BBC ee Washington, C/raxman Caynte, oo ka waraystay sababta ay ku muteysatay billadan.

Farxiyo waxay dadaal dheer u gashay sare u qaadidda tacliinta gabdhaha. Waxay sheegtay in ololeheeda ay kala qeyb galeen qaybo badan oo kamid ah bulshada Soomaalida ee xeryaha qaxootiga.

Farxiyo Faarax ku rajo weyn tahay ineey dadaalkeeda u gudbiso qeybaha kale ee dalka Kenya.

BBC Somali

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jacaylka Ayaa u Daran

Jacaylka waxaa udaran
Danayste dugaaga iyo
Damiir laawaa udaran
Nin dumarkuun daba laloo
Diraca siidayninoo
Haday isoo doon tidhaa
Damnaha uqaniinayoo
Dockale kawaree gayiyo
Ninkii dibjiraa udaran

Jacayl doqonbaa udaran
Dabeecad xumaa udaran
Miduu degta saaranlaa
Damaashaad iyo farxado
intuu dul uridi lahaa
damnaha naaxidha lehee
damqaaya qofkuu jeclaa
ninkii dabrayaa udaran

durmaan ninka qaatayee
dawaynin dhaliisha taal
dulqaadna uyeelaniyo
dabbaal nin ahbaa udaran
dalboole xunbaa udaran
diktaa toorbaa udaran
diciif nin ahaan jiroo
daayin ugargaaray iyo
nin darajaan helay lebaa
jacaylka runtii udaran

dabshaan aarsanayiyo
damac baahsanaa udaran
daruufta ayaa udaran
qofku doortay oo yidhi
adigaan kudoorbiday
naftaydiina deeqdee
ninku diganayaa udaran
ruux bilaa dareenoo
kuduryaaya sheekiyo
nin difaacinbaa udaran

ninka dira diraalaha
kadab qaadanayiyo
nin ladiray ayaa udaran
isku dayasho raadliyo
nin daryeel oqoonoo
dalaaq jecel ayaa udaran

doog ubax lamoodiyo
durdur lagu haraad baxo
dubka oo iftiimiyo
gabadh diirku dadan yahay
damnuhuna madaw yihiin
sanku soodulyaaloo
daamankuna casaan yahay
ilkeheegu dabar yahay
dookheegu adi yahay
kaka duubayee naca iyo
ninka daayabaa udaran

daalim beenwadaa udaran
kuwa dayr fadhiistoo
diin haysanbaa udaran
habla diib ismariyoo
waqti kaadilaayoo
lilma daadiyaa udaran

qaarkala danaystoo
duunyadu isku keentoo
kala daran ayaa udaran
balan daahda baa udaran
dirir badan ayaa udaran
duca qaada aabiyo
inkar ha iga doonine
kadal doorsabaa udaran

dulli gaabsanbaa udaran
dalagii aad beertaba
ka, uduulsha xididkiyo
xaasid daran ayaa udaran
saaxiibad daas qudha
aad kudana wadaagtaan
sirna aad kadaahayn
kudafirta ayaa udaran
dakhar keentabaa udaran

ilaahbaa deeq baxshee
da,wayne xishooninoo
haduu doob yari yidhaa
yartaan kaadoonayaa
iikeen lacag doolariyo
dadkaagu ayay yihiin
nin daa,imsadaa udaran
da,daa tidhibaa kadaran
daliil niman haysanoo
dookhbaaa ihayuunle,oo
dunuubna samaynayaa
jacaylka runtii udaran

gabadh dayma quruxlana
nin dadkiisa uga go,ay
hadaydiidabaa udaran
doox kala martaa udaran
dhisma daar ayaan helay
jacayl dhaafsataa udaran

c/fataax daahir cige

jacayloow dhab iisheeg?

Jacaylkani dadkii dhibay
Dhalintii kutaagsaday
Dhakafaar wareer baday
Ayaa dhoogta nagu baray
Halka laga dhutinayiyo
Dhaliilaha ayaa baray
Dhrin dhirin ninkii wada
Dhabbaraad usahan taga
Muxuu dheel halaw baday

Anoo dhega adaygayn
Dhawr su,aalo iga maqal
Horta dhega maleedahay
Dhadhankaa siduu yahay
Madhafuuja adagoo
Dadka dhalan rogaa tahay
Dhaan dhaamiyaa tahay

Kolay kaama dheeriye
Midkuu dhaw ayaan ahay
Dhabarbaan wadaagnaa
Dherigaan kukulanaa
Dhoofka waan isku raacnaa
Ubaxaan isu dhiibnaa
Kolkol waan kudhawraa
Dhibta kaa ilaashaa
Dartaabaan udhididaaa
Dhimashada ilaawaaa
Kollay iima dhigantide
Dhagax uun bal igadaa

Horta dhaqan islaam iyo
Dhaar iyo is,aaminid
Wali dhiisha laga helo
Dhay ma igu siisaa
Misa waad dhaliishaa
Dhunkaal baad isiisaa
Toloow dhumuc maleedahay
Dhuuxana majabisaa
Dhanbaalada jacaylkana
Madhigtaa halkoodii
Dhaxantana mabi,isaa
Midab dhiin maleedahay
Dhabanada casaaniyo
Dherer muuq maleedahay

Dhayaha ku,eegtaaa
Dharxan tood maduushaa
Misa dhooba ciidliyo
Dhorfog baabad leedahay
Wali dheef ansheegiyo
Dhir aad beertay maan cunin
Goormaad dhib caysaa

Kuwa kuu dhareershee
Kuudhiiba taladana
Uma dhega nuglaatide
Dharbaaxaad kuqaada
dhayalbaad kudhaaftaaa
dhimashaad usababtaa

dhamac kulul miyaad tahay
dhisma adag miyaa tahay
caday dhilan miyaa tahay
dhool cadeeye maad tahay
dhaaya nuurshe maad tahay
dhudhun jabiye maad tahay
dhidib guri miyaa tahay
misa dhoqonjo qudhuniyo
dhuxul madaw sidaa tahay
misa dheemanbaa tahay
xariir iidhalaashiyo
dahab dhiibsan maa tahay

madharaar ayaad tahay
mise dharan sunaa tahay
horta dhaxal gal maad tahay
wax ladhawro maad tahay
ladhoodhoobo maad tahay
dhab loosheego maad tahay
mise dhicis ayaad tahay
dhala jabaysa baa tahay

dhaqaaqaa siduu yahay
dhugdhugtaan maqlaayee
wadnihii dhibaysana
ma,adaa dhabtii wada
masun dhuuban baatahay
misa midha dhawaadloo
dhereg keenabaa tahay
madhanaan qadhaadhoo
dheg dilaaciyaa tahay
misa dhay macaanoo
lagu dhaatabaa tahay

wacays dhaantadiisii iyo
dhawr kaloo shabaabiba
wali way dhibsanayaan
dhinaantani warkaagee
baldhabtiina noosheeg
runta maanta noo dhiib

c/fataax daahir cige

jacaylkiyo lammaanaha

Laba dookh mideeyoo
Kala ladin ayaa jira
Isku ladan ayaa jira
Kala lumin ayaa jira
Laamaha jacaylkee
luuqyada kuyaalee
laydhu ay lulaysana
kaleexaystabaa jira
malab leefabaa jira
lidkood diidabaa jira
lambarkooga haystoo
libin keenabaa jira

laqabsada aduunkoo
cilmi laastabaa jira
loobogay ayaa jira
kalaalaadin qayrkood
meel sare kuloolama
layaqaanabaa jira
cidii laacda maradooda
laqas ula timaadana
luqun jara ayaa jira
lawga jabiya baa jira

liibaanta diintana
luxud geeyabaa jira
lacag eeginbaa jira
liis kasaaraybaa jira
hadal laxansanlaa jira
luuq fiicanbaa jira
looqiray ayaa jira
shaydaan wax lumiyana
lalegdama ayaa jira
aan laloodinbaa jira

balantooda laabtiyo
meel kuladhay ayaa jira
kalaas gaadhaybaa jira
guurkana labeentii
laba qaybtamaa jira
aroos lootumaa jira
cadaw leexshabaa jira
nacab liidiyaa jira
farxad lula ayaa jira
love ka muujiyaa jira

loosacab tumaa jira
waalidkood ulisaa jira
laban siiyabaa jira
isku lada ayaa jira
liin wada cunaa jira
laba qaad talaabada
isla laydh tagaa jira
da,doodoo labaatana
caqligoogu laan sare
laba boqolsadaa jira

mala maanahaygaa
toloow may ilegtahay
laylkaan utoosaa
lilaahaan ujecelahay
kama laba labeeyeen
inaan reer layeeshee
laaxawla qarkeed
iga leexsan abid kood

Prof. C/fataax Daahir Cige

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Somali Islamist Fighters Seize 2nd Town

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Islamist insurgents killed five government soldiers while briefly taking a strategic town in central Somalia, police and residents said, the second such seizure within 24 hours.

The attack late Thursday took place in Belet Weyne, near a critical road junction that links Somalia to the border with Ethiopia. Hundreds of troops are stationed at the junction, which is also Ethiopia's main supply route.

"They launched a surprise attack on the town from different directions, facing pockets of resistance from government forces and immediately took the control of the police station, the prison and a hotel government regional officials were using," said a police officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

The town's police chief, Col. Abdi Aden, confirmed that five government soldiers had been killed.
Local resident Duniyo Ali said the fighters had retained control of the town for about three hours before voluntarily withdrawing. The area was now calm, she said.

Also Thursday, residents said Islamists had seized Hudur, a strategic southwestern Somali town that lies along the road leading from Ethiopia into Somalia, without firing a shot.

Islamist fighters have vowed to wage an Iraq-style war on the shaky Western-backed transitional government after Somali troops supported by their Ethiopian allies chased the Islamists from power in December 2006.

The Islamists had seized control of much of the south and the country's capital, Mogadishu, which they had held for six months.

Since the Islamists launched their insurgency, thousands of Somalis have been killed. Somali government troops and officials come under daily attack and the U.N.-backed administration is viewed by many Somalis as corrupt and ineffective. The impoverished country is riven between warring clans and awash with weapons.

The U.S. has linked the militiamen to al-Qaida. On Monday, the U.S. launched a missile strike in a Somali town along the Kenyan border, targeting a suspect in the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa.

Source: AP

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Islamic Fighters Move Into Somali Town

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — More than 100 masked Islamic militiamen entered a strategic town Thursday in the latest bold move by a force defeated two years ago at the hands of Somalia's Western-backed government and its Ethiopian allies.

The Islamists held the capital, Mogadishu, and much of southern Somalia for six months before they were pushed out by the Ethiopians in December 2006.

They have since waged a deadly insurgency and carried out numerous attacks in Mogadishu. They have also staged brazen raids in towns including Bur Haqaba, a hilltop town about 35 miles from the provincial capital of Baidoa in the south. The group released prisoners from jail and killed a police chief before retreating, witnesses said.

Last month, Islamic fighters briefly took over Dinsor in southern Somalia, killing nine soldiers, police said.

The U.S. has linked the militiamen to al-Qaida, and on Monday, the U.S. launched a missile strike in eastern Somalia targeting a suspect in the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa.

On Thursday, the masked fighters entered Hudur, a southwestern town that lies along the road leading from Ethiopia into Somalia.

"There was not a single gunshot," said Mustaf Mahad, a well-known businessman in Hudur.
"The fighters took positions at two locations in the town, we do not know if their aim is to take over the town or not," another resident told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals. He and other residents said there have been only a smattering of government troops in the town recently.

A government spokesman said he could not confirm Islamists had moved into the town and had no comment.

Thousands of Somalis have been killed in the fighting between Islamic insurgents and Ethiopian troops supporting Somalia's shaky government over the past 12 months.

Late Wednesday, a fire fight between Somali insurgents and police killed five people — four police officers and one civilian — on the outskirts of Mogadishu, witnesses said. The insurgents used machine-guns, rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles in the surprise attack, said Asho Nur, who sells tea at the site.

A spokesman for the military wing of the radical Islamic movement, Abdirahin Isse Adow, said the aim of the raid was "to cripple both the military and the economic sources of the enemy."
On Monday, fighters linked to the group overran Bur Haqaba, a hilltop town about 35 miles from the provincial capital of Baidoa in the south. The group released prisoners from jail and killed a police chief before retreating, witnesses said.

Last month, Islamic fighters briefly took over Dinsor in southern Somalia, killing nine soldiers, police said.

Source: AP

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Official: Missile aimed at FBI target in Somalia

Official: Missile aimed at FBI target in Somalia
It is unclear whether Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan was killed when a U.S. submarine fired a tomahawk missile at the target, the official said Tuesday.

The FBI wants Nabhan, 28, for questioning in the 2002 suicide bombing of an Israeli-owned hotel and the unsuccessful attack on an Israeli charter jet in Mombasa, Kenya.
Ten Kenyans and three Israelis were killed when three suicide bombers detonated a car bomb outside Mombasa's Paradise Hotel.

The bombing took place within minutes of an unsuccessful missile attack on an Israeli charter jet, which was taking off with 261 passengers and 10 crew members.
Nabhan is also thought to be an associate of al Qaeda member Harun Fazul, who was indicted for the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Saalam, Tanzania, according to the FBI.

More than 200 people were killed and 4,000 wounded in the attacks, most of them Kenyans.
The U.S. military has long sought Nabhan because he is believed to be deeply involved in al Qaeda's East African operations, the senior official said.
The FBI announced in February 2006 that it was seeking information on Nabhan and any possible links to those incidents.

The Pentagon on Monday confirmed that the U.S. military struck "a target against a known al Qaeda terrorist."

The strike hit near the town of Dhoobley along the Somali-Kenyan border, a U.S. military official said Monday.

It was aimed at a "facility where there were known terrorists" affiliated with East African al Qaeda operations, the official said. Watch report on what U.S. calls a precision strike »
The strike destroyed two houses -- killing three women and three children and wounding another 20 people, said Dhoobley's district commissioner, Ali Nur Ali Dherre. Dherre said the remains of the missiles were marked "US K."
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World should stop neglecting Somalia-U.N. envoy

By Ingrid Melander
BRUSSELS, March 4 (Reuters) - The international community should stop "collectively punishing" Somalia for past errors by neglecting it, a senior United Nations envoy to the war-torn country said a day after a U.S. missile attack there.

Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, the U.N. Secretary General's High Representative for Somalia, said Monday's missile strike by the United States highlighted the need to put the lawless Horn of Africa state back on top of the international agenda.

"This is not new, and the only comment I can make on it is that Somalia deserves attention," Ould-Abdallah said when asked about the two missiles fired at what Washington called "a known Al Qaeda terrorist".

"They (Somalis) have made a number of mistakes ... They destroyed their country ... They have not been cooperative with the United Nations in the 1990s, but these are not reasons for collective punishment which I think the international community is doing by ignoring their plight," Ould-Abdallah told Reuters in an interview.

In Brussels for talks with European Union ambassadors, he urged the 27-nation EU to do more than just send food aid, saying the priorities were to protect civilians and ensure there was no impunity for humanitarian crimes committed in Somalia. The U.N. Security Council has the primary responsibility to take up the divided country's future and work for a solution, he said, but the African Union, the Arab League and the EU also have some responsibility.
International organisations are not backing efforts by the Somali government to talk with the opposition, he said.

The toll from Monday's attack was not known. Hundreds of residents of Dobley, the remote town in southern Somalia hit by the missiles, staged an anti-U.S. demonstration on Tuesday. Residents said they thought the missiles were aimed at senior Islamist leaders meeting nearby.
The Islamists have been waging an insurgency against Somali government forces.
On Jan. 8, 2007, a U.S. AC-130 gunship struck Islamists in southern Somalia in Washington's first overt military action there since pulling out of a U.N.-backed peacekeeping mission in 1994 after the "Black Hawk Down" incident.

That attack, and a similar one shortly afterwards, struck Islamists fleeing Ethiopian and Somali troops who cornered them in southern Somalia during a two-week war to rout the militants.
On June 21, a U.S. Navy ship fired missiles at Islamist fighters and foreign jihadists hiding in the mountains in the northern Puntland region.
The United States accuses Somali Islamist insurgents of harbouring al Qaeda fugitives responsible for planning and executing the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. (Editing by Tim Pearce)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Somalia: Situation Report no. 7 – 22 Feb 2008

Main Developments

A major search for arms in the main market in Mogadishu, Bakara, triggered heavy fighting this week between Ethiopian/Transitional Federal Government (TFG) forces and anti-government elements. Following the fighting on 18 and early hours of 19 February, at least seven people died including three civilians and several others were wounded. Fresh fighting broke out again on 21 February with about five casualties reported. There was restricted movement in and out of the market during the week completely paralysing trading for thousands of civilians left in Mogadishu who solely depend on the market for their daily income. Despite the skirmishes, WFP supported 'wet feeding' programme is ongoing in 10 districts feeding an average of 53,000 people on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, on 20 February, the UN Security Council extended the African Union-led mission in Somalia for another six months. Currently, the mission, which has also been attacked several times by anti-government elements, consists of 1,700 Ugandans and 192 Burundian troops.
In order to eventually phase out water trucking along the Mogadishu/Afgooye road and establish more sustainable water supply, partners in the water cluster are rehabilitating and developing existing water supply systems including extension of water pipeline, and construction of water tanks, bladders and kiosks. Construction of 1,100 additional latrines and wash basins are also ongoing. UNICEF and partners commenced the second round of a health campaign to provide 56,000 children under five and 11,200 pregnant women in the Afgooye Corridor with basic immunization, Vitamin A and iron supplementation and de-worming. The first round took place in early December 2007.

Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWSNET) latest Weather Hazards Impact Assessment confirms that rainfall has been below-normal for the short rains season (October - December) in most parts of east Africa. In the central regions of Somalia, this has caused poor pasture conditions and limited water availability for the pastoral and agro-pastoral populations. Already, the central regions of Mudug and Galgaduud are experiencing severe drought. In southern Somalia, the assessment says crops suffered from the low rainfall totals, which could limit food availability until the next harvest season in March.

The priorities in the area are food and water and a number of UN agencies and Non Governmental Organisations are in the area responding to the crisis. In Galgaduud, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) completed a non-food items distribution to about 8,000 households and another to 4,000 households in Mudug region. Plans in the coming weeks to upscale operations in the area are at an advanced stage.


The overall security situation in Puntland has been unsatisfactory following threats of kidnapping of aid workers and actual kidnappings. The current situation does not yet allow a return of NGO international staff and might also compromise smooth running of operations in the area.

Severely wounded people from the bomb blast on 5 February might be discharged as authorities claim that they are taking up much needed space in the hospital. The discharges could cause concerns as some of them have undergone amputations and may need further specialized care. Humanitarian workers in Bossaso are advocating for alternative places where the people can stay. Other victims have been supported with provision of 24 jerry cans, 34 insecticides treated bed nets and plastic sheets during the week.

In response to the fire that broke out in five Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP)' camps in Bossaso on 7 February; UNICEF has provided 140 family relief kits and 280 jerry cans.
For those displaced by the Sool conflict, UNICEF has so far provided 2,000 family relief kits and supplies to purify water, including over 6,000 jerry cans, eight bladder tanks and two drums of chlorine along with training on how to use it. Agencies continue to rehabilitate wells, truck in water and construct latrines (400 planned), as well sd raise awareness amongst IDPs about the importance of hygiene. In addition, eight health posts have been provided with supplies and essential drugs, and some 6,380 IDP families have received mosquito nets. Health and Nutrition mobile teams continue to reach locations where no health facilities are available with basic health services and immunisation.


CARE International Somalia, with support from the Disaster Emergency Committee (UK), has prepared a Somali language version of 'The Sphere Project' manual to be shared with humanitarian workers (both UN and NGO) and Government officials in Somalia. The Sphere manual gives minimum standards in disaster response as well as a broad process for collaboration, and is an expression of commitment to quality and accountability in humanitarian work.

Further Information, contact:

Rita Maingi on +254 734 800 120 -
Muna Mohamed on + 254 733 643 737 -

Thursday, February 21, 2008 oo baroosinka si toos ah u aasatay

Dhamaan akhristayaasha shabakada wararka dalka ee waxaan idiinku bishaaraynaynaa in shaqo faro badan aan galinay sidii aan idiinku soo gudbin lahayn wararka dalka. anagoo wax ka badalayna aalada aan isticmaalno oo aan u heelanahay inaan la qabsano carsiga.

Nashqadan cusub oo noo saamixi doonta in aan kasii badino shaqadii aan u haynay shacab waynaha Awdal meel kasta oo ay joogaan ba iyo gobolada deriska ahba iyo guud dalka Somaliland. anagoo waliba isku taxalujin doona in aan wax ka taabano koonfurta Soomaliya oo marba marka ka danbaysa kasii daraysa hadii eebaha awooda lihi ogolaado.
Wax yar ayaa hadhay noo dul qaata insha allah war dhexdhexaad ah iyo wada shaqayn dhamaan shabakadaha gobolka ayaan ku boorinaynaa.

aad ayaad ugu mahadsan tihiin tageerayaasha sida wanaagsan ee naloogu dul qaatay iyo hanbalyooyinka aad noosoo fidiseen.


Rashid Bakaalow Malaha Qof kalaad Igu Qaldaysaa.

Waxaan akhriyey maqaal uu cinwaankiisu ahaa “Ducadii Axmed Sh.Faarax lama aqbalin” oo uu ku saxeexnaa Rashiid Bakaal.Maqaalkaasoo aad iidhibay rashiid wuxu ku sheegay inaan kasoo horjeedo gargaarka loo ururinayo dadkii ku caydhoobay masiibadii dhawaanta ka dhacday gobolka iyo gudigii isku xilqaamayba.Laakiin haddii uu rashiid akhriyi lahaa qoraaladayda aan kaga hadlayo dhibta dadkeennii ku dhacday iyo sida ay gurmad ugu baahanyihiin iyo waliba sida aan ugu hawlanahay arintaa lafteeda,malaha waxa loo sheegay ama uu akhriyeyba wuu iska hubin lahaa. Waa qalin iyo xeerkii oo mar marbuu ku xadaa.

Balse ceytami maayo,cadhoonmaayo,ku habaari maayo,kuuna hanjabi maayo si hilan uunbaan kuula hadli.Waxan kuleehay Walaal iska hubso malaha qofkalaad igu qaldaysaaye. Anigu ma qorin article waxaa ka hadlaya,kamana hadal arinta aad sheegayso.Waxan filayaa way ku khaldeen oo telefoonbay wax kuugu sheegeen.Waayo hadii aad akhriday article-ka aad ka hadlayso cidda ku saxeexanbaad arki lahayd,waa haddii uu jiro.Mise midbaa isu key ekeysiiyey toloow. Saban waliba waxbuu caan ku yahay sabankanna waxa fududaaday sida wax loo qoro iyo in waliba qofku fikirkiisa dadweynaha usoo bandhigo.Laakiin waxa fiican in qalinka si quruxbadan loo adeegsado oo waxa maskaxdaada kasoo maaxanayaa uu noqdo wax aan umadda dhibin oon fidmo dhexdhigin.

Waxan uga socdaa Waayadan danbe markii qoraalkii fududaaday maamulayaashii mareeguhuna xil iska saari waayeen inay qofka wax usoo qorey xaqiijiyaan,waxa soo baxay dad Aaladda internetka si xun u isticmaala oo intay magac bug ah qaataan bulshada kala dila.Rashiidow malaha midbaa Emailkeygii iyo isamkeygii koobiyeystay oo isu key ekeysiiyey sidii maskax geel kala baxda. Bulshada sharafta leh iyo akhristayaashaba waxan halkan ugu caddaynayaa article-ka uu Rashiid sheegayo hadduu jiro inaanan anigu qorin.(waan raadiyey laakiin waayey meel uu ku qoranyahay). Tafatirayaasha shabakadaha waxan kula talinlahaa laba arimood.

Tan koobaad:Marka hore qofka qoraalkiisa inaad tafatirtaan oo wixii umadda dhibaya aad ka reebtaan, haddii meel laqaato uunan lahayna aad iska tuurtaan. Tan labaad:Dadka wax idiin soo qora inaad iska hubisaan inay yihiin dad jira iyo inkale.waxa jira dad fidmo wadayaal ah oo kolba shaadh soo xidha oon isa soo caddayn karin.waa fule aan soo badheedhi karin oo magac beena wata.Waa virus.Laakiin si fudud baad ku ogaan kartaan,meesha uu joogo iyo qofka uu yahayba. Halkan ka akhri maqaalka uu qoray rashiid bakaal ee sida hubsiimo la’aanta ah uu dhiidhida iigu dhextuuray.
Jawhar Cabdisamad Qalinle

“Ma garanayo goorta deeq Burco iyo Hargeysa la gaadhsiiyey reer Boorama dembi ka dhigeen” Cabdiraxman Saylici

Cabdirahan Zaylici oo difaacay sifihii Xisbiga uu Wareejiyey deeqdii qalabka caafimaad
Musharraxa xisbiga Kulmiye ee mansabka Madaxweyne kuxigeenka, C/raxmaan C/laahi Ismaaciil (Saylici), ayaa dafaacay sifihii xisbigiisu kula wareegeen iyo sidii ay qalabkii caafimaad oo deeqo ahaa ugu wareejiyeen wasaaradda Caafimaadka iyo xukuumadda Somaliland.

Sida uu ku soo waramay Maxamed Cumar Sheekh, Weriyaha Haatuf ee gobolka Awdal, C/raxmaan Saylici oo shalay shir-jaraa’id ku qabtay Boorama, ayaa dhinaca kale waxaa uu kaga hadlay ujeedooyinka laga leeyahay ama xukuumad iyo kuwa gobolkan Awdal ka taageera xisbiga udub ka leeyihiin hadalada beryahan dambe lagu durayo isaga iyo xisbiga Kulmiyeba, taas oo uu ku tilmaamay inay tahay dacaayad siyaasadeed oo xukuumaddu miciin moodday markii dadweynaha Reer Awdal ka soo jabeen xisbiga UDUB iyo Dawladda Rayaal,e danna ay u arkaeen Xisbiga Kulmiye.

C/raxmaan Saylici ayaa shalay shirkiisan kaga hadlay arrimo kale oo door ah oo ay ku jiraan sida isaga iyo taageeraayaasha xisbiguba uga go’antahay in aanay dhegaysan doonin aflagaado kasta iyo dacaayaad kasta oo ay xukuumaddu miciin mooddo.

Hadalakii uu halkaa ka yidhina waxa ka mid ahaa “Waxaad mooddaa in xukuumadda iyo kuwa taageera ay waayadan dambe hal-hays ka dhigteen Saylici baa Kulimiye siiyey deeq dadka gobolka Awdal loo soo ururiyey, hadaladaasi iyo kuwa kaleeba waxaad arkaysaa inay yihiin kuwa gobolkan Awdal ka dhigaya inuusan ku jirin Somaliland, deeqda reer Awdal loo soo ururiyo ama reer Somaaliland loo ururiyaanna tahay mid ku kooban gobolka Awdal, iyadoo siday hadalka u dhigayaanna ay dareemayso in deeqda reer Awdal ama xisbigaa qaranka ee Kulmiye uu gadhsiiyo goboladdaa kalena ay reer Boorama u tahay dembi gobolka laga galay, waana xaasidnimo iyo cunsurinnimo, maadaama gobolada kale ee ay Somaliland ka kooban tahayna xaq u leeyihiin in la gaadhsiiyo wixii dadkeedu soo ururiyaan.

Taageerayaasha xisbiga Kulmiye ee gobolka Awdal waxa qalabkaasi kaga baxday lacag dhan $15,000 oo Doolar, oo lagu soo gaadhsiiyey, dawladduna xaq uma lahayn inay cashuurto ama tidhaa cashuur baan ka dhaafnay, inaan qalabkaasi ka kulmiye ahaan u guddoonana xaq baan u lahayn, inaan dedaalkayaga sheeganana xaq baan u lahayn, waayo dawladu magacayaga horee ayey u sheegi weyday dedaallo aan muujinay oo taageerayashiisu ku geeyeen gobolada Sool.
Waxa wax lala yaabo ah oo daciifnimo ah in la yidhaa ha sheegina xisbigaasi kulmiye wixii uu dalka keenay, waxaanan u aragnaa laba arrimood.

Waa tan kowaade inay maamulayaasha dawlaadda ee daba ordayey qalabkan dhkhtarka weyn mooyee aan la dhigi karin tuulooyin aan lahayn cisbitaallo la doonayey in la lunsado oo agaasimayaasha daba ordayey doonayeen inaan Kulmiye la tusin.Iyo tan labaad oo ah in xukuumaddu Kulmiye u quudhi la’dahay sida daacdnimada leh ee ay dalka u soo gaadhsiiyeen, loona qaybiyo cisbitaalada dalka.

Tan sadexaad waxaan odhan karaa waa markii u horeysay ee deeq lagu wareejiyo xisbigaasi, isla markaana uu si daacadnimo ku jirto dawladda ugu wareejiyo, mana dhici jirin tan oo kale oo dawladda uun baa wixii shicibka debedda ee Somaliland iska soo ururiyaan meel dhigan jirtay, isla markaana aan la ogeyn meesha ay mareen.

Waxaan la yaabaa oo kale wasiiro iyo taagerayaasha xisbiga Dawladdu waxaan u sheegeynaa in qalabkaasi annaga oo xisbiga kulmiye iyo taageerayaashiisa gobolkan Awdal uu ku qornaa, magacoodana uu dalka ku yimi, iyagana loo soo wakiishay, wakhtigaasina uu ahaa wakhti ka horreeyey aafada ka dhacday gobolka Awdal, alaabtaasina ay dalka timi aafadaasi ka hor, ciddii ujeeddo ka lihina iyadaa og, waxanan leeyahay raggaa maanta leh goboblkii awdal baa Kulmiye ka qadiyey qalabkaasi, waa ragga maanta ka xun qalabkaasi inuu gaadho Somaliland cisbitaaladaeeda, sida deeqaha reer Awdalba loo geeyo Sanaag iyo gobolka Sool, mana fiicna in gobolkan laga dhigo mid u xidhan xisbi keliya iyo dad keliya, afkana laga sheegto Somaliland, deeqda reer Somaliland ay gaadhsiiyaan reer Awdal siyaasiyiinta Hargeysa fadhida iyo kuwa halkan jooga ee dawladda taageeraa ka dhigaan qalab dad shisheeye ah la siiyey oo aan Somaliland ahayn.

Sidee reer Awdal lagu dooran doonaa haddii halkaa la marayo. halaga waantoobo arrimaha keenaya kala qoqobnaanta Somaliland iyo cunsurinnimda. Ta nalagu haystaa waa taa, kana yeeli mayno inaan gobolaysi iyo qabyaalad wax ku bixinno ee qarannimo ayaan wax ku bixinaynaa”.

Xigasho: Haatuf

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Laabi Laba Ula

salaamu calaykum dhamaantiinba marka hore waxaan arkay wax iga yaabiyaay anaan rabo inaan kadhiibto jawaabteeda walaalayaal saxaafadu sidaa maaha ee waasidaa?

saxaafadu waxay leedahay hanaan iyo sifo gaara oo loo dhigo xigashadeeda ama hanaankeeda qoraal ahaaneed ama akhris ahaaneedba hadaba in waxla qoraa way haboon tahay lakiin waxa fiican in lafahmo sidii wax loo qoraayaay iyo hanankeedii hadii ay qalinka iyo warqadu soo galo shaqsi iyo xumaan waxaa halaabaya habkii waxloo qoraayaay ama wax laysugu sheegaayaay

waxaan walaalayaal idika waaninaayaa inaad marka hore barataan sida wax loo qoro ama qorka loogu jawaabo lakiin waxaa yimiday nacab iyo ncaybsho baladhan oo dhinac walaba yeeshay iyo in cid walaba ay wa sooqorto iyada oo aan laga fiirsan wixii afkiinaskoo baxyay website yada dadka kale lee yihiin waxaad ku arkaysaa afsomali hufan oo wax laysugu sheego aanad akhriyi karto lakiin dad waxaa jira wax walba qoraaya oo moodaaya in waxan uu qorayaa meel ku eg yahay waayo waxa galaaya dadka oo dhan halkaasana waxaa ka imaanaysa burbur balaadhan

hadaba markaad wax sheegaysaan iska dhaafa shaqisyadka aad siigalaysaan naftiisa iyo beelahan aad sheeganaysaan somalida kale idinlama wadaagto waxaan rer borame ahayn ayaa lagu yaqaan shaqsi weerarka iyo beel wweerarka markaa website yada

qaarkood waxaad u samaysateen beel in lagu caayo ama dad gaara lagu aflagaadeeyo hadii aan ka hadlo maqaalkii uu qoray rashiid bakaal iyo ninka layiraahdo iyo ninka kale ee layiraahdo rashiid bakaal oo iyagu keenay aflaagado shaqsi waxaan leehay sidaa waxlaguma sheegee waa walaalayaal kdaaya oo u dhiga sida fiican ee qofka waxloogu sheego waayo tani waxay katurjumaysaa kaliya ducfiga aad qabtaan kalidiin lakiin inta kale idinlama wadaagto umaduna waa walaalo hana ku beerina dad wanaagsan xumaan ayna aqoon waxana diiin fiican inaad bahisaan oo aad sheegtaa tariikhda wanaagsan iyo horumarka fiican ee bulshada wax u tara lama huraana waa caws jiilaal.

Mohamed Cali

Ducadaii Axmed Sh. Faarax Lama aqbalin

Waxaan idinku salaamayaa salaanta muslinka; salaamu calaykum waraxmatulaah wabarakaatu. walaalayaal anigu wax ma sooqoro laakiin waxaa igu kalifay inaan soo qoro articalkan waad wada garanaysaan.walalayaal baryahan danbe waxaa la ururinaayey lacago dadkeenii dhibaatadu ay ku dhacday loo ururinaayey waxaa baryahandanbe axmed sh.faarax uu wado qofkastoo caqlileh wuu garanayaa waayo walalayaal arinkan maanta jiraa maaha siyaasad ama lama dooranayo xisbi.

waxa lagu wareeray gudidan ama axmed sh.faarax uu ku wareeray ragan gudidaa iyaa soo doortay. axmadoow walaal adiga iyo reer menasota wixii idin dhexmaray habar samaroon oodhani way ogyihiin; laakiin walaalkayoow arinkani waa arin dad dhibaataysan wax loogu qonayo. Dadkan loosoo magacaabayna waan ku kalsoonahay oo waxaa ku jira sheekheenii Xasan Daheeye.

walaallayaal axmed sh.faarax ducadii aan u ducaynay waxaan u malaynayaa, inaan la aqbalin; waayo wali wuu ka soo horjeedaa lacagahaa dadka masaakiinta loo dirayo wakaa kolna mid difaacaayo JAWHARNA leh lacagihii halkee lageeyey.

JAWHAROOW AMA KORWAAYEELOW inaadeer lacagihii anaa kuu sheegaya halka lageeyey.
lacaguhu maaha $20,000.00 AAD SHEEGTAY lacaguhu waxay gaadhilahaayeen $100,000.00 uguyaraan MAGACA EEBAAN KU DHAARTAY WALAAHI AXMED SH.FAARAX HALWAYDIIYO.

Waayo waxaan sidaa uleehay wali adiguna waxaad ku hadlaysaa afkiisii gudidan iyaa doortay ama lacagahii halkee lageeyey. Qalinloow waxaasoo kale lama soo qoro waxaanad isku sheegaysaa inaad tahay nin saxaafadaa ka war haya ama suxufiya.

axmed sh.faarax waa ninka iska leh isagaa dadkeenii lawada hadlay oo wax kale ka dhaadhiciyey sidaas awgeed ayey lacagihii awda (joojida) hayaan.


Dadkeenii kale ee ku noolaa yurub waxa ku dhacay magaranayo ee ka soo qaybgala walaalayaal.
salaamu calaykum

Rashid Bakal

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Eng. Shimbirna, Ma Been Baad Ka Sheegteen?

Eng. Shimbirna, Ma Been Baad Ka Sheegteen?.
Waxaynu aad iyo aad uga xumaannay wareysi Shabakada SaylacNews la yeelatay Col Eng Cumar Cabdilaahi Hande, oo ku magac dheer Cumar Shimbir. Waxa aynu ka xumaanayna ma aha Shabakada laftaarkeeda oo waraysatay Eng Shibmir, oo taasi waa wax lagu farxee ma aha wax laga xumaado, Hambaylo iyo bogaadin ayayna nagu leeyihiin inay runta u dagaagaan.

Hase yeeshee Cumar Shimbir waa halyeey Soomaaliyeed iyo halyeey reer Awdala oo guud, sida aynu ku wada naqaanno. Waxanan aad uga xumahay inaan maanta uun kusoo baraarugay in meelo wax lagu qoray lagu eedaynayo Eng Shimbir. Nasiib darro meesha waxaasi ku qoran yahay wali ma galin ama mana akhrisan, oo wakhti badan ma haysan maalmahan.

Kuwa wajiyada badan ayaas kolleyba waxba ka xishoon oo ay ka suurtoowdaa inay iyagoo wajigoda qarinaya meelahaas dadka ku af-lagaadeeyaan. Kuwaasina sida Engineer Shimbir u saamixin IF iyo AAkhiraba, ilaa iyo ay isa soo caddeeyaan, ayay anagana naga yihiin, oo saamixi mayno.

Fadeexaddan ku lug leh daawooyinka ee lagu kala eedeeyay labada Engineer ee kala ah Shimbir iyo Saylici, waa fadeexad aad u fogaatay una baahan in si deg-deg ah loo soo af jaro. Beelaha Maxadcase ayay dul saaran tahay, beelaha kalana waajibkoodu waa inay beeshaas ka sugaan warbaxin rasmi ah, ee ma aha inay ka faa’iidaystaan, oo taasi waa foolxumo labaad, kuna wada fidi doonta Samarroon.

Dawooyinka waxa laga soo diray ayaa nagu maqaalo ah, dalka USA, waliba dadka qaarkoodna waxay tuhmayaan Canadana inay qayb ku leedahay. Hase yeeshee magac ku qornayd ma jirin oo taasi hadday dhici lahayd, fadeexadanu sidan imikana uma fogaateedn. Cumar Shimbir ayaa been laga sheegay, oo hadana Saylici ayaa been laga sheegay. Kuwa warxumo tashiilka wadina halkaas ku joogsan maayaan, malaha inkaarina ma qabato. Labo arrimmood ayaan idiin soo jeedinaynaa inaad yeeshiin:

(1) Beelaha Maxamad Case.
Midda koowaad waxay u taallaa beelaha Maxamad Case, inay iyagu shir dhexdooda ah qaataan, soona saaraan warxbixin lagu caddaynayo cidii ka danbeysay fadeexada dawooyinka. Ilaa iyo inta ay shirkaasi qaadanayaana, ee wakhtigu u saamaxayana aanay hadal danbe ka soo saarin arrintan iyada ah. Dadka fadeexadeeyay Shimbir iyo Saylicina, si wada jir ah loo baadho, badkana loo soo dhigo.

(2). Beelaha Kale ee Samarroon.
Tolnimada guud iyo gobnimadu ma aha in marka tolkaa iyagu dhexdooda wax yar oo dhibaato ah isku keenaan ama isku geystaan, in laga faa’iidaysto, oo kolba sidii la rabo loo jiido. Baaqan aynu usoo jeedinayno beelaha kale ee bulsho weynta Samarroon wuxu yahay. In ilaa iyo inta Maxamad case ad ka helaysiin warbixin danbe, ad sheekada halkaas ku dhaaftiin. Kuwa idinku jira ee an ka soo jeedin beelaha Maxamadcasana ee been abuurka wadana ad soo qabatiin ama ad naga aamusiisiin.

Wa-Bilaahi Tawfiiq.


Castro quits as Cuba’s president

The ailing 81-year-old Fidel Castro has resigned as Cuba’s president after foiling attempts to topple him for nearly half a century, leaving on his own terms by clearing the way for his brother Raul to take power.

The end of Castro’s rule, the longest in the world for a head of government, frees 76-year-old Raul to implement reforms he has hinted at since taking over as acting president when Castro fell ill in July 2006.

“My wishes have always been to discharge my duties to my last breath,” Castro wrote in a letter published today in the Communist Party daily Granma.

But, he wrote, “it would be a betrayal to my conscience to accept a responsibility requiring more mobility and dedication than I am physically able to offer.”

It wasn’t until several hours after Castro’s message was posted on the internet, that official radio began spreading the news across the island. Cubans seemed to go about their business as usual, having seen Castro’s resignation as inevitable, but with a certain sadness.

Cuban dissidents welcomed the news as a possible first step toward possible change.
Moderate opposition leader Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, a former commander who fought alongside Castro in the revolution, expressed hopes that whoever follows him “will have freedom to launch economic and political changes as well.”

Castro temporarily ceded his powers to his brother after undergoing intestinal surgery. Since then, the elder Castro has not been seen in public, appearing only sporadically in official photographs and videotapes and publishing dense essays about mostly international themes as his younger brother has consolidated his rule.

Castro remains a member of parliament and is likely to be elected to the 31-member Council of State on Sunday, though he will no longer be its president.

Castro also retains his powerful post as first secretary of Cuba’s Communist Party. The party leadership posts generally are renewed at party congresses, the last of which was held in 1997.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Jawhar iyo Jiinlow oo ay ka dhex muuqato farshaxankii oday biiqay

Aduunyada nin noolow maxaa aragti kuu laaban. Nin wayn waxa ku haboon iinuu uu yeesho meel loogu soo hagaago. Markii jawhar uu lacagta ka urursanaayey bulsho waynta reer awdal wuxuu matali jiray in uu yahay qof caafimaad qaba.

Waxasa cadaatay in uu waabayda isaga laftiisu qaybiyo isagoo isticmaalaya shabakada ku can baxday been abuurka iyo kala dilka sokeeyaha ee harowo. Maalinba magac cusub ayaa nagu soo kordha oo farshaxan la galiyey. Laakiin jawharow waxaad wadkaagii u yeedhatay markaad afkaa hilibka bakhtiga Scandanivianka ku cunaysay aad ku taagtay Col. Omar Abdilahi Hande (Shinbir). Marka hore maxaad ka taqaanaa Col. Hande markaa aad leedahay waxa arinta deeqda xisbiga kulmiye ka danbeeyey nin usoo sheeqayey maamulo hore oo la yidhaah shinbir. Waxa nasiib daro ah in aad si xun u isticmaalaysid warbaahinta in badan oo inaga mid ah ku cusub. Waliba kuwii markii ayna warbaahintani jirin adhiga raaci jiray.

Waa su’aale maxaa ceeb ah maxaa lagu fanaa?

Waxa lacag loo ururin jiray garoonkii ay dhawr ka jeer dhagaxa dhigtay huda barkhad ee uu rayale rabay inuu doorshada ku galo. Waxa lacagta dadka ka guraayey jufada uu Jawhar u hadlaayo ee uu Col. Hande iyo cabdirahman Zaylici u aflagaadaynaayo. Gudida loo xil saaray in ay garoonka dhisaan ee borama joogtay waxay ka koobnaayeen ama u badnaayeen jufada jawhar u ooyaayo. Qof kale kuma jirin.

Laakiin umada kale ee gobolka ku nooli kama hadlin oo waxay u haysteen in ay wax qabanayaan oo way taageereen. Laakiin waxa cadaatay in garoonkii uu siyaasad noqday oo Rayale sugaayo inuu doorashada ku galo sida uu u hor istaagay jidkii la dhisi lahaa. Waxana cadaatay in la cunay lacagtii dadka laga ururiyey ee garoonka lagu dhisi lahaa siduu Rashid Cabdi Bakal horey u sheegayba (Alaaya cisak). Gari allay taqaan. Bilad sharaf ayuu mutaystay Rashid oo runta isha ka tuuray.

Markaa waxa nasiib daro ah in runta la’iska indho tiro oo la eedeeyo masuulo kaalin wayn kaga jira bulsho waynta awdal, Somaliland, iyo Somaali oo dhan sida Col. Shinbir oo kale. Waxa hadaba iska dhex galay dad badan oo adhiga jiri jiray siyaasada, qabyaalada, caawinta umada, iyo run ku hadalkii. Adhi jir ceeb ma’aha ee laakiin fakir kiisa ayaa gaaban oo qabowgaa Sweden ayuu u haystaa inuu Australia ka jiro. Oo wuxuu moodayaa in cirka daruurtu saran tahay ee isaga dul taagi ay sidoo kale dul taagan tahay cidhifka Koonfureed.

Waxase ka khaldantay in cidhifka koonfureed wakhtigan lagu jiro uu u helo 6 bilood oo qorax ah (wixii ka sareeya ama ka hooseeya 66 (N or S) degree parallel) oo loona yaqaano “Winter Solstice” halka uu cidhifka waqooyi uu kaga jiro qaboobe ama “winter” ama 6 bilood oo mugdi ah. Sida “Summer Solstice” ka koonfurtu ay qaboobe ugu jirto; waqooyiguna kulayle.

Adhi jirtu waxa haboon inay ogaadaan in dhulku uu u kala qaybsamo waqooyi iyo koonfur oo 0 (zero degree equator-ku) kala badho; wixii kor ka xiga waxa loo yaqaanaa Northern Hemisphere; wixii hoos ka xigana waxa loo yaqaanaa Southern hemisphere.

Wakhti kala duwan ayey laba xili kala helaan; qaboobaha iyo kulaylaha. Waxba kugu daalin mayo saynis ee waxaan uga dan leeyahay. Aduun yadu ma’aha warka xumaha salka ku haya ee aad raga halyeeyada ah ku aflagaadaynayso oo kaliya; ee waxa jira dhinacyo badan oo laga eego wixii khalad ah ama sax ah.

Maxaa ku khaldan in laga soo horjeesto dawlada fadhiidka ah ee dalxiiska ku jirta? Maxaa ku jaban in siyaasad caafimaad qabta la’ wada ciyaaro. Been aan jirin maxaa keenay in aad ka faafiso halyeeygii soomaaliyeed ee Col. Cumar Cabdulahi Hande (Shinbir); Waxaan ka dagaalamayaa in aad siiso qof walba sharaf uu leeyahay. Hadii kale waxa iman doonta in geesigii Yusuf Talan in maalin dhow la’aflagaadeeyo. Waar wax iskula hadha oo runta ka hadla. Waabaydu halka ay kasoo maaxanayso waa naqaanaa; laakiin maanta maalin aan ahayn ayuu garan. Hareeraha si wanaagsan iskaga fiiri.

Deeqda la diray

Waxa cad in deeqdaasi ay tahay mid loogu tala galay siyaasiyiinta xisbiga kulmiye looguna talo galay in la’ tuso xukuumada fadhiidka ah in calankeedii dhacay. Waxa diray deeqdan oo mudo sadex bilood ah la’ qorshaynaayey; qurbo jooga waqooyiga maraykanka iyo dad yurub degan. Waxa laga diray lacag ururin loogu talo galay siyaasada oo baryahanba socotay; lacagtaa waxa bixiya qof kasta oo taageersan dhaqdhaqaaqa gobonimo doonka e Cabdirahman Zaylici uu hormoodka ka yahay. Laf iyo qabiil gaar ah ma’laha. Kadib waxa khaladka keenay in ay isku soo dul dhaceen masuubadii ka dhacday xeebta awdal iyo deeqdan gaadhay dalka. Oo sida qof kastaa og yahay container laga diray Maraykan wuxuu u socdaa Africa hal bil. Markaa qof kaliya oo lagu magacaabi karaa ma jiro waayo dhaqdhaqaaqan gurmadka qaranku malaha waji gaar ah iyo magic qof oo la yeedhiyo. Waa umad isku duuban oo diyaar u ah in Rayale markale soo noqon. Kadibna maxkamad lasoo taago musuqmaasuqa uu galay darteed. Isaaq ayaa ku jira, mahadcase, habarcafaan iyo lafo kale oo kasoo jeeda jufada Rayale lafteeda oo arkay in guusho dul taagan tahay kulmiye.

Hadaba wax hubso kadib awliyooyinka masaajidada ugu gal. List-ka dadka ka qayb qaata taakulaynta xisbiga kulmiye oo lagu daabacay mudo aan dhawayn dadka taageersan ururka badankoodu waxay ku jiraan dadkii taageeray warkii ay soosaareen odayasha lughaya sida ay anigu filayo-
Wa bilaahi tawfiiq

Xassan Cumar (xassan yare)
Degmada Boon, Awdal

Shir jaraaid oo ay qabteen gudida gurmadka aafada Awdal

Gudida Gurmadka Masiibooyinkii Roobabkii ka da’ay Gobolka Awdal ee Association of Awdal Community of North America (AACNA) oo Saxaafada siiyay Warbixin

Hashim Goth, Boorama 18 February, - Gudida gurmadka masiibooyinkii roobabkii ka da’ay Gobolka Awdal ee ururka AACNA ayaa saxaafada uga xog waramay halka ay marayso hawshii loo soo xilsaaray, ugu horayna waxaa halkaas hadal ka jeediyay gudoomiyaha gudida Dr.Cabdiraxmaan Jaamac Hadi oo yidhi marka hore waad mahadsan tihiin bahda saxaafada, marka xigana waxaan war idinka siinaynaa safarkii gudidu ku soo martay 29 tuulo oo ka tirsan Awdal, hadii aan marka hore ku horeeyo sida gudidani ku aasaasantay waxay ahayd magacaabis ay na soo magacaabeen qurbajooga Waqooyiga America anaga oo wakiil ka ah AACNA, waxaa la furay Acount dahabshiil ah oo Lambarkiisu yahay DO616, halkaas oo lagu soo hagaajinayo lacagaha, ilaa hadana waxaa na soo gaadhay lacago gaadhaya 20kun oo doolar, dhanka khasaaraha soo gaadhay dadku wuxuu le’eg yahay mid aad u balaadhan waana ugu yaraan xoolaha meesha ku dhintay 4 boqol oo kun oo neef.

Dr.Cabdiraxmaan wuxuu intaas ku daray in warbixno kala duwan ay ka qoreen dhibta meelahaas ka dhacday hayadaha samafalka, Ururada caalamiga ah, Dawlada iyo Ururada wadaniga ahba, balse warbixinta aan soo qornay iyo ta dawladu ay yihiin qaar isku dhaw hallka haydaha samafalka qaarkod meelo kooban ay mareen ee ay ka qaateen qiyaas, Anagu waxaan marnay 29 tuulo aadna waan u hubinay, khasaaruhu waa 40%, lixdanka hadhayna xooluhu waa qaar bukaan ah oo aan dadkii waxba ugu filayn, hadaba waxaan u sheegaynaa qofkii toos ugu soo dira Acountkan in 1% laga qaadayo xawaalada, hadii kale sida laga qaado 4% ayaa lagaa qaadaya.

waxaanan ku boorinayaa dadka aan weli deeq bixin in ay dedejiyaan oo ay hore u soo diraan, dhaqaalahaasi hadii uu noqdo mid waafi ah waxaan samayn doonaa in aan dadka xoolo u iibino, waayo lama quudin karo dadkaas xooluhu ka madheen, waxaana haboon in dadkaasi wixii ay ku noolaayeen loo soo cesho. waxaan ku soo gabagabaynayaa in dadka deeqaha bixinayaa ay meel qudha noqoto si ayna meel qudha ugu dhicin, ee ay meel walba u gaadho oo ay dhibtu gaadhay dadka baahana ay joogaan. wixii baahi jira ee dhanka caafimaadka, hoyga, huga iyo xoolaynta waxay noqon doontaa in la daboolo oo lagu daboolo deeqdaas naga soo gaadha qurbajoogaa soo diraya.

Sh.Xasan deheye ayaa isna ka codsaday in dadkaas la soo kaalmeeyo, meelahaas aafooyinku ka dhaceena loo baahan yahay in fikir midaysan laga yeesho. waana in laga ilaaliyaa deeqdan xasaasiyada qabiilka, maadaama dadka qurbuhu yihiin waxgaradkii iyo Aqoontii umadan,Cumar C/laahi Xasan oo ah Xoghayaha dhaqaalaha gudida ayaa ka waramay sida ilaa hada u soo gaadhay deeqdu wuxuuna sheegay in ay meelo kala duwan deeqdu ka timid, dadka qaarna soo mariyeen Acountka Dahabshiil, qaarna toos u soo direen, wuxuuna u mahadnaqay dhamaan dadkii kaalmada soo bixiyay. waxa la aasaasay 28 Jan, 2008, warbixnaha intaas ay jirtay gudidu waxaan u dirnay urirka AACNA iyo websidad qaarkood. Otowa waxaan ka helay, 13610, Dumarka Dalas 3000$ Maxamed Dugsiiye oo ka soo diray Kalgari 1000 $ ,Cali Baxar oo soo diray 1000$ ,Maryan Xasan dugsiiye 2700$ oo kuwait nooga soo dirtay, hadaba dhicisku inta birta loo sido ayuu ka bakhtiyaa ee dadkaas hala soo caawiyo,Maxamed Daahir Dhawal ayaa isna uga mahaceliayay qurbajooga reer Awdal ,wuxuuna intaas raaciyay in tuulooyinka ay soo marayeen meel walba ka xaqiijinayeen odayada goobtaas ay kula kulmeen dhibta gaadhay inta ay le’egtahay, mudada dhibtu haysato dadka way dheeraatay ee waxaan idinka codsanaynaa cidii wax ku deeqaysa in ay soo dedejaan.

Sh.Cismaan Axmed ayaa isna ku guubaabiyay dadka deeqaha bixinaya in ay dadaalkooda laban laabaan, isla markaana ay yartahay ilaa hada wixii kaalmo ay heleen dhanka dawlada iyo haydahaba, waxqabadka dadkasina yahay waajib ina wada saaran, waanan idiinka mahadcelinaynaa dhamaan dadkii ka qayb qaatay deeqdaas, wixii hore gurmad loo geyn karayay waa loo geeyay, balan qaadyaduna way badan yihiin dhanka dawlada iyo hayadahaba, waxaana jecelahay in aad wixii deeq ah soo dedejisaan.

Hashim Goth

Borama, Awdal

Opinion: Axmed Siilaanyo ma Yuhuudibaa Hadii Macaawimo Loo Dhiibay oo Qaybi la Yidhi?

Waxaan ku arkayay website yada maqaalo wax lagaga sheegayo madaxda sarsare ee xisbiga kulmiye taasi oo loo qoray si badheedha oo aan habo yaraatee gabasho lahayn.

Horta marka uu qofku rabo in uu saxaafad wax kuqoro dhaliil waa jirtaa oo xisbi ayaad dhaliili kartaa ama shakhsi lakin waxaa saxaafada kareeban personal attach intabadan maqaalada aan arkay waxay ahaayeen personal attach taasina saxaafada meelba kama soo gasho.

Waxaa ayadna aqlaaqiyan aan fiicnayn inaad nasab waxka sheegto ama rer oo rerku cida uu rabo ayuu taageeri karaa xisbiga uu rabo ayuu gali karaa markaa sxbday ma waxay rabaan in samaroon dhamaan ay noqdaan xisbixaakimka udub?? taasi su’aasheda waxaa iskaleh akhristayaasha.

Somaliland waxay samaysatay nidaam uyara eeg dimuqradiyad oo larabay in lagaga gudbo marxaladihii laso maray taasi ayaa keentay in Somaliland ninba ninka ay isku mowqifka yihiin isku raacaan mowqifka maaha taasina in laysku dhaliilo oo layidhah ninka kulmiye galay waa gaaloobay ka udub galayna janadii ayuu galay ragbaa sidaa uhaysta arintuse sidaa maahan ee waa xisbi ee yaysan xisbiga iyo qabiiku iskaga kin qaldamin sxb yaal.

Koontiinarka mucaawimadaa hadii ay garteen madaxdii kulmiye in dadka cadaalad loogu qaybiyo wax kujaban ayaan jirin oo marlayba waa laqaybin lahaa. Midakale sxbday miyaysan ogayn ragani ay dhaliilayaan in ay noqondoodaan madaxdii mustaqbalka oo ay dalka maamuli doonaan haduu alah uqoro maxaase maanta keenay Awdal uun wax hahesho.

Dadka dhibaatadu gaadhay inlo gurmadaa waa wax meesha tiila oo waa dad dhimaato gaadhay lakin anigu uma arko in ay baahida dadkaa kasaari lahaa kontiinarkaasi waayo wax dadkaasi wax uqaban lahaa kumajirin oo daruuri ah wakhtiga xaadirka ama looga baahna meesha dhibku kadhacday marka anigu waxaan u arkaa uun buro bugaado ay samaynayaan taageerayaasha xisul xaakimka udub maadaamo ay dhowdahay doorashadii dowladaha hoose iyo tii madaxtinimada taana wax micnaleh in ay soo kordhinayn ayaan qabaa shakhsiyan.

Takale hadii madaxda kulmiye ee sarsare masuuliyad lasaaray oo wax qaybsha layidhi ma yuhuud ayaa wax loo dhiibay miyaysan ahayn madaxdii mustaqbalka taa waalagu qaldamey madaxda kulmiye ee xaal halasiiyo ayaan odhanlahaa.

Hadal iyo dhaman dadka yaan lagu kala wadin wax aan micno lahayn oo wax jirin lagu hadlin hadaladana marka laqoraayo halaga fiirsado somalidu waxay tidhah kafiirso intaadan waxfalin waa hadal dhan.

Wabilaahi Towfiiq.
Cumar Maxamuud Qayaad - (Cumar Xadaari)
Yeman, Taiz

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lacagaha ilaa immika gaadhay xeebaha gobolka Awdal

Borama (SP) Lacagaha ilaa immika gaadhay meelihii ay masuubadau ka dhcadya waxay gaadhay $ 21, 311 marka la isku wada geeyo inkastoo ay jiraan balan qaadyo ay sameeyeen magaalooyin iyo gobolo badan oo waqooyiga maraykanka ku yaala.

waxaan si toos khadka tellephone ka kula xidhiidhnay gudida aafada xeebaha; waxaan la hadalnay gudidii u qaabilsanayd arimiha masuubada waxayna soo sheegeen ilaa immika lacagaha kusoo dhacay xisaabtii AACNA ee loo furay masuubadan darteed.

$ 13, 611 —– Jaaliyada Ottawa, Ontario - Canada
$ 3000 —— Dumarka Jaaliyada Dallas, Texas
$ 1000 —— Jaaliyada Calgary, Alberta - Canada
$ 2700 —— Jaaliyada Kuwait, Kuwait
$1000 —— Jaaliyada Houston, Texas

Amoud Foundation lacag $6000 dhan waxa naloo sheegay in ay iyagu haynayaan oo marka loo baahdo ay dadka ku isticmaali doonaan.

Jaaliyado badan oo waxa jira balanqaad sameeyey oo ay gudidu noo sheegeen in ay sugayaan.
Gudida waxay noo sheegeen in ay dhawaan u socdaali doonaan meelihii ay dhibaatdu ka jirtay iyagoo dadka u kaudinaya kharashka oo raba marka lacagta badan koodu soo gaadho in ay mar kaliya u socdaalaan.

waxa kale oo ay gudidu noo sheegtay in ay muceeshada iyo shidaalku dhulka uu kacay taasina ay keentay in ay ka fikiraan in ay meeshii tagaan iyagoon hayn wax dadka ku filnaada.
waxa kale oo ay gudidu noo sheegtay in dadka bara kacay ay ka badan yihiin dadkii markii hore la sheegay.

Xoolaha dhintayna ay ka badan yihiin 100, 000 oo neef oo nooc walba leh (Adhi, geel, iyo Lo’).
Gudigu waxay mahadnaq balaan u jeedinayaan dhamaan jaaliyadaha reer awdal, somaliland iyo somalida kaleba kasoo jeeda ee ka’ qayb qaatay taakulaynta dadka ku dhibaataysan xeebaha gobolka Awdal. Waxay amaan balaadhan sidoo kale ay u jeedinayaan ururka Association of Awdal Community of North America (AACNA); oo ka qaatay qayb libaax ururinta iyo abaabulka loo galay dadka tabaalaysan.

Account number: D0616
Sh. Cusman Ahmed Ibrahim
Sh. Xassan Deheeye
Dr. Cabdirahman Jamac Hadi
Sh. Mohamed Dahir dhawal
Cumar Cabdillahi Xassan (Gurey)

Shir jaraa’id ayey dhawaan qaban doonaan

Booqo maanta aan qaybtaada ka qaado caawin xeebaha gobolka Awdal
SP Borama

Madaxweyne Rayaale Oo Galabta U Dhoofay Addis Ababa, Ugana Sii Gudbaya Waddamo Kale Oo Aan La Ogeyn

Hargeysa-(SP) - Madaxweynaha Somaliland, mudane Daahir Riyaale Kaahin ayaa galabta ka dhoofay gegida diyaaradaha ee magaalada Hargeysa, isaga oo u kicitimay Xarunta dalka Itoobiya ee Addis Ababa, Madaxweyne Riyaale oo intii aanu ka ambabixin dalka, Qasriga Madaxtooyada kula hadlay weriyayaasha wuu diidey inuu wax faahfaahin ah ka bixiyo socdaalkiisa, waxana uu sheegay keliya inuu tegayo Addis Ababa iyo meelo kale uu sheegay inuu uga sii gudbayo. “Horta caadada noqotay marka la baxayona in la sii warramo, marka la soo noqdona la warramo maanta ayaan ku soo xidhayaa,” ayuu yidhi Madaxweyne Riyaale.

“Wixii dambe Press release [Warsaxaafadeed] bay noqon doontaa Afhayeenka uun uu bixiyo, waayo, caado uma aha adduunka madaxda in markasta la waraysto,” ayuu raaciyey. Hase yeeshee, waxa uu sheegay inuu ka warramayo falkii afduubka ahaa ee ka dhacay gobolka Sanaag ee lagu afduubay ninka Jarmalka ah ee madaxda ka ah hay’adda German Agro Action, falkaas oo uu ku tilmaamay fal argagixiso oo lagu manjaxaabinayo Somaliland, si gaar ahna loola beegsanayo dhaqdhaqaaqyadiisa dibadda.

Waxana uu hambalyo u diray ciidanka qaranka iyo shacbiga Gobolka Sanaag sida ay uga hawlgaleen, uguna guuleysteen. “Waxaana muuqata, wararka ugu horreeya ee hordhaca ah ee aanu hayno Gugux meel la yidhaahdo oo maamulkaa Boosaaso [Puntland] ka tirsan in laga soo abaabuley,” ayuu yidhi Madaxweyne Riyaale.

“Laakiin, Argagixisadii waxay noqotay kuwo aan abtirsiin lahayn oo ku abtirsada Argagixiso uun, meel kastana way joogaan, kuwo inaga [Somaliland] ahina way ku jiraan,” ayuu raaciyey Madaxweyne Riyaale. Waxana uu shacbiga ugu baaqay inay ka feejignaadaan, indhahana furan. Madaxweyne Riyaale, waxa uu ku tilmaamay falalka argagixiso kuwo bartilmaameedkoodu yahay qaddiyadda Somaliland iyo dhaqdhaqaaqyada dibadda ee xukuumaddiisu samayso.

“Waxaan xasuustaa berigii aan Ingiriiska tegaayey 2004tii, markaan Addis Ababa marayo ayaa qabuurihii Ingiriiska la jejebiyey, maalintii Baarlamaanka Ingiriiska aan tegaayeyna GTZ-ka qoladoodii maalintii la afduubay bay ahayd,” ayuu yidhi. Waxana uu raaciyey, “Shalayna waxa inoo yimi madax kaloo caalamka ah baa inoo timid. Taasi waxay sheegaysaa markasti oo wax wanaagsani inoo soo socdaanba inay qaar argagixiso ah oo u shaqeeya dad aynaan inagu garanayn oo danaheenna ka soo horjeedaa inay mujtamaceenna ku dhex jiraan baa muuqanaysa”.

Ma cadda dadka uu Madaxweyne Riyaale u duurxulayo, hase yeeshee, waxa uu muujiyey in xukuumaddu doonayso falalka noocan ah inay uga faa’iideysato si siyaasi ah, uuna ka dhigayo kuwo lagu xaasidayo ama lagu minja-xaabinayo dedaalkiisa iyo guulihiisa. Waxayna dad badani ka werwersan yihiin, shakina ka qabaan falalkan argagixiso oo dalka ka bilaabmay, wax yar kadib markii uu xilka kala wareegey Madaxweyne Riyaale madaxweynihii hore ee Geeryoodey Marxuum Maxamed X. Ibraahim Cigaal.

Dhinaca kale, socdaalka Madaxweyne Riyaale oo aan la ogeyn cid ku wehelisa iyo meelaha uu u sii dhaafayo Addis Ababa ayaa warar kala duwani ka soo baxayaan. Wararka qaar waxay sheegayaan in Madaxweyne Riyaale uu u sii dhaafayo Addis Ababa dhinaca Boqortooyada Sucuudiga, halka warar kalena sheegayaan inuu tegayo Imaaraadka Carabta oo ay wararka qaar sheegayaan in Xaaskiisu kaga sii horrayso, xogo kalena tilmaamayaan inuu kula ballansan yahay shirkado uu heshiis dhinaca shidaalka ah la galay.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Siilaanyo Oo Ku Eedeeyey Rayaale Inuu Wasiirka Caafimaadka Ka Horjoogsaday Xaflad Uu KULMIYE Kagala Wareegi Lahaa Deeq Daawooyin Ah

Guddoomiyaha xisbiga mucaaradka ah ee KULMIYE Md. Axmed Maxamed Maxamuud (Siilaanyo), ayaa si kulul ugu eedeeyey Madaxweyne Rayaale inuu si badheedh ah uga horjoogsaday wasiirkiisa caafimaadka xaflad uu si rasmi ah ugagala wareegi lahaa daawooyin qalab caafimaad ay cusbitaallada dalka u soo direen taageerayaasha KULMIYE ee ku dhaqan Woqooyiga Ameerika.

Daawadan oo ah hal kontiinar taageerayaasha xisbigu ugu talogaleen cusbitaallada lixda gobol ee Somaliland, ayaa hoggaanka KULMIYE laba toddobaad ka hor ku wareejiyey masuuliyiinta Wasaaradda Caafimaadka si loogu xareeyo xarunta dhexe ee kaydka dawooyinka dalka, iyada oo labada dhinac u ballameen in la sameeyo munaasibad ay si rasmi ah Wasaaradda Caafimaadku ugagala wareegayso madaxda xisbiga, taas oo la qorsheeyey in shalay lagu qabto xarunta dhexe ee kaydka dawooyinka ee magaalada Hargeysa, balse baaqatay kadib markii Wasiirka Caafimaadka Md. Cabdi Haybe Maxamed ka cudurdaartay.

Kadib markii ay baaqatay xafladdii loo ballansanaa in shalay Wasaaradd Caafimaadku si rasmi ah ugala wareegto madaxda xisbiga KULMIYE kadib, ayaa shir-jaraa’id oo Axmed-Siilaanyo iyo xubno ka mid ah madaxda sare ee xisbigiisu ku qabteen xarunta kaydka dawooyinka ee Hargeysa waxa uu ku sheegay in 10 daqiiqo ka hor waqtigii ballanta la kala wareegista daawooyinka uu Wasiirka Caafimaadku kula soo xidhiidhay telefoon, isla markaana ku wargeliyey in aannu iman karayn xafladdii ay u ballansanaayeen, kadib markii Madaxweynuhu ku wargeliyey in aannu tegin goobtaa.

“Waxaannu ku ballansanayn in saaka [shalay subax] aannu halkan [xarunka Kaydka Dawooyinka] Wasiirka Caafimaadka isugu nimaadno. Waxaan doonayaa in aan halkan ka sheego war cajaa’ib ah oo qaadan waa ah, anigoo aad iyo aad uga xun halkii aannu ka ballansanayn in daawada aannu la kala wareegno ayuu goor malaha 10 daqiiqo ka hadhsanayd waqtigii ballanta uu Wasiirka Caafimaadku na soo wacay oo waan ka xumahay buu yidhi, Axmedoow kuu iman kari maayo, aad baan uga xumahay oo Madaxweynihii baa amar isiiyey oo toos iila soo hadlay oo igu yidhi;

‘Hatagin halkaa, hana la wareegin daawadaa waad haysataa oo istoodhkay kuugu jirtaa, markaa in KULMIYAA keenay la yidhaahdo looma baahna, mar haddii bahashii istoodhka innoogu jirto faraha ka qaad, waxaan ku idhi Cabdi Hayboow waxyaabaha qaarkood in aan loo xil qarain, haddaan ogaaday wixii Agaasimaha Guud haystayna miiskiinkii aannu ballanay ee axdiga aannu ku kala tagnay haddaan ogaanay arrinta ninka amarka tooska ah bixiyey, maantana ballankii in uu baaqo keenay waa Daahir Rayaale Kaahin Madaxweynaha dalka weeye daawada la keenay ee uu ka ba’ayo in ummadda iyo shacbigu ogaadaaan in daawadan taageerayaasha KULMIYE keeneen oo aannu dawladdii ku wareejinay intaasuu ka ba’ayaa oo Agaasimaha Guud u wacayaa oo uu Wasiirka u wacayaa,” ayuu yidhi Axmed-Siilaanyo oo sheegay arrin aannu filayn oo fajiciso ku noqotay uu kala kulmay Wasiirka Caafimaadka Caafimaadka Somaliland.

“Waxaannu doonaynaa in ummadda Somaliland ogaadaan in daawada KULMIYE keenay shacbigana u keenay oo ay hoolka Wasaaradda Caafimaadka taal oo ilaa Ceerigaabo ilaa Saylac u keenay qaar kalena way soo socdaan waliba, arrintaa ayaan doonayaa in aan shacbiiga u sheego, ninka ka ba’aya ee intaa u quudhi waayey in xisbiga KULMIYE keenayna wa Madaxweynaha ee hala ogaado.”

Guddoomiyaha KULMIYE oo faahfaahin ka bixinayey marxaladihii ay soo martay daawada taageerayaasha xisbigoodu ugu deeqeen cusbitaallada Somaliland iyo sidii ay dalka ku soo gaadhay waxa uu yidhi:

“Waxaan doonayaa in aan ummaddu uga waramo arrin ku saabsan daawooyin aad u qiimo badan oo wanaagsan oo America xisbigu ugu keenay dadweynaha reer Somaliland oo ku xeraysan maanta istoodhka dhexe ee wasaaradda caafimaadka in aannu xaaladeeda iyo sheekadadeeda ugu sheekayno ayaan doonayaa maanta, saacadan aynu taaganahay [shalay subax] halkan waxaannu ku ballansanayn oo saxaafadda kula ballansanayn in aannu si muuqata ula kala wareegno daawada wasiirka caafimaadka Cabdi Haybe, daawadanina waxay dalka timi bishan 3-deedii, 4-teediina waxa lagu soo wareejiyey istoodhkan, maantana [shalay] waxay ahayd in aannu si rasmi ah ula kala wareegno Wasiirka Caafimaadka.

Daawadan oo ay soo direen taageerayasha xisbiga KULMIYE ee jooga America waa daawo aad u fiican oo aad malayn karayso daawada Maraykanka lagu sameeyaa nooca iyo qiimaha iyo sida ay tahay muddo badanna waa daawo laga shaqaynayey iyo qalab aad u fiican ayaa isaguna istoodhkan Wasaaradda Caafimaadka ku jira.

Alaabtaas markii ay timiba waxaannu ku dhawaaqnay in daawadaas dalka timi oo warsaxaafadeed baannu ku shaacinay, kaas oo aannu ugu mahadnaqnay Wasaaradda Maaliyadda iyo Caafimaadkaba qabanqaabadii iyo cashuur-dhaafkii ay noo sameeyeen si aannu daawadan dalka ku soo galino.

Madax sarsare oo ka socda Wasaaradda Caafimaadka oo uu horkacayo Agaasimaha Guud ayaa xafiiska xarunta dhexe ee xisbiga KULMIYE noogu yimi, si fiican baannu u wada hadalnay, waxaannu u sheegnay in daawadan xisbiga KULMIYE u keenay dadka reer Somaliland oo noolkii ilaa Maraykanka lagaga keenay aannu bixinay, waxaannu doonaynaa in loo qaybiyo dadka reer Somaliland ee lixda gobol ee dalka. Waxaannu ku nidhi, idinka ayaa dawladdii ah oo og gobol walba daawooyinka looga baahan yahay iyo cusbitaallada waaweyn ee dawladdu leedahay ee dadka shacbiga ah ee badani isticmaalo. Markaa in aannu dawladda ku wareejino ayaannu goosanayn si wanaagsan baanuna isula afgaranay.”

Axmed-Siilaanyo waxa uu sheegay in heshiiska ay wada gaadheen iyaga iyo Wasaaradda Caafimaadka ee ahaa in dawada xisbiga KULMIYE u keenay ummadda reer Somaliland, dawladdana lagu wareejiyo ay maalmihii dambe maqleen masuuliyiintii Wasaaradda
Caafimaadka ee heshiiska KULMIYE wada galeen oo Agaasimaha Guud ugu horreeyoo, kuwaas oo ku dhawaaqay, “Daawo la dhacay oo boolisku qabtay oo KULMIYE duwaday.” Waxaannu Guddoomiyaha KULMIYE tilmaamay in aanay Agaasimaha Guud ka filayn in uu ku dhawaaqo erayada noocaas ah, maadaama xisbiga KULMIYE lahaa oo loogu talogalay ummadda reer Somaliland, isaga oo arrintaa sharraxayeyna waxa uu yidhi; “Yaabaa Illaahay noo keenay oo waxaannu nidhi waar ninkii dhammaa ee Agaasimaha Guud ahaa ee aad heshiiska wada gasheen ee wax isla meel dhigteen maxaa mar qudha markii uu idinka noqday beddelay ee saxaafaddii galiyey alaabtian tuugo ayey ahayd oo waa la qabtay annaga oo la yaaban ayaanu nidhi bal ha degdeginee Wasiirka Caafimaadka u taga annaguna aaminaad baannu alaabta ugu wareejinay annaga oo aan waxba kala saxeexan, waayo ballankaa ahaa in shirka jaraa’id [xafladda xil wareejinta] halkan lagu wada qabto.”

Ugu dambayn, Guddoomiyaha KULMIYE waxa uu tilmaamay in markii ay Wasiirka Caafimaadka u tageen ee ay arrintii uga sheekeeyeen uu aad ula yaabay wararka sheegaya in dawo la dhacay la qabtay, isaga oo ugu mahadnaqay xisbiga KULMIYE dawada ay ummadda u keeneen, una ballanqaaday in xaflad ballaadhan lagala wareeji doono daawada iyada oo loo qaybin doon sida xisbiga KULMIYE rabo in loo qaybiyo.

Eng. Cabdiraxmaan Cabdillaahi Saylici oo ka mid ah masuuliyiinta xisbiga KULMIYE ee ka soo jeeda Gobolka Awdal oo isna halkaa ka hadlay ayaa faahfaahin ka bixiyey sababihiii dhaliyey in jaaliyada xisbiga KULMIYE daawadan keenaan iyo noocyada ay ka kooban tahayba, waxaannu sheegay in markii taageerayaashu mucaawimada helaan ee gacanta ku dhigeen ay la soo xidhiidheen xisbiga KULMIYE, waxayna sheegeen in ay hayaan koontiinar 4 fuudh ah oo daawooyin, qalabkii naafadda,

qalabkii dhakhtarada ee lagaga shaqaynayey tiyaatarrada qalliinka shaybaadho, sariirihii umulisooyinka iyo waxyaabo kale oo aad u qaali ah, waxaannu intaa raaciyey in KULMIYE ahaan heer qaran iyo heer gobolba ay ka hawlgaleen sidii loo diyaarin lahaa kharashkii daawadan dalka lagu soo gaadhsiin lahaa, isaga oo xusay in daawadani dalka ku soo gaadhay $15,000, taas oo uu xisbiga KULMIYE bixiyey oo habayaraatee aanay wax kootaro baan ah ahayn oo xisbi qaran lagu soo hagaajiyey.

Waxaannu Eng. Saylici xusay in tallaabadan ay xukuumaddu ka qaaday daawada KULMIYE ummadda ugu deeqay muusinayso digtaatoorinimo iyo wixii ummaddani ka soo dagaalantay.

“Waxa maanta dalka ka muuqata wixii laga soo dagaalamay iyo digtaatoorinimo is dheelitirkii iyo isku xidhnaantii ummadda ayaana la diidan yahay, dal nin kali ahi ka talinay weeye, KULMIYE-na waa xisbig qaran in uu magaciisa wax ku qaysado wax u diidayaa ma jiraan, sharci buuna u leeyahay, islaanyaro oo NGO wadata baa halkaa timaada oo saxaafad loo qabtaa laga wareegaa, markaa waxay dhimayso wixii KULMIYE bixiyo ee lo diidayo annagu garan mayno, markaa waxaannu leenahay arrintaas waa mid uu Madaxweynuhu ku khaldan yahay cid kalena lama wadaagto waanna magac diid uu magaca KULMIYE diidan yahay,” ayuu yidhi Eng. Saylici.

Sidoo kale waxa isaguna hadal kooban ka jeediyey Dr. Axmed Xaashi Oday oo isagu xisbiga KULMIYE wakiil uga ahaa qaybinta iyo la socodka daawadan, ayaa sheegay in daawadan dalka markii ay timi isaga loo gacan galiyey, isla markaana bakhaar ku xareeyey, kaas oo markii dambena ay Wasaaradda Caafimaadku kala wareegtay si lixda gobol iyo degmada Gabiley loogu qaybiyo, iyada oo ay baahidooda wasaaraddu eegayso, daawadana markii ay dalka timi waxa lagu qoray jaraa’idka wax la qarinayana may ahayn.”

Waxaannu intaa Dr. Oday intaa ku daray oo yidhi; “Waxaan u sheegay in Wasaaradda Caafimaadka ay ku heshiiyeen saddex qodob oo ahaa in ay xaflad nagala wareegaan, daawadu siday u dhantahay in la geeyo xarunta kaydinta daawada ee Wasaaradda Caafimaadka iyo inay gobol walba iyagu u qaybiyaan, KULMIYE-na ku dabagalo arrintaa, sidaas ayaana Wasaaradda Caafimaadka daawadii loogu soo wareejiyey.

Waxaannu sheegay Dr. Oday in sababta daawadan u diiday xukuumaddu inay kala wareegto KULMIYE ay tahay iyadoo magaca u diidan xisbiga. “Sababtu waxa weeyaan waxay xukuumaddu diidan tahay sumcada KULMIYE, Illaahay baana KULMIYE sumcadda u haya oo Ina Rayaale iyo daawanadan midna uma haysto, qodobka labaad waxa ku yaal daawada beelaha Maxamed Case, beelaha Maxaxmed Casena qolyihiina jaraa’idku waad la socotaan halkay taagan yihiin, sidee bayna beelaha Maxamed Case sumcad u yeesheen iyaga oo aan na soo marin annaga oo madaxdii ah, waayo Anwar [Agaasimaha Guud ee Caafimaadka] wuu nala ballamay wuu is beddelay, Wasiirka Caafimaadku wuu nala ballamay wuu is beddelay.

Iminka waxaannu sugaynaa Ina Rayaale oo nala ballama oo isna is beddela, oo waxay yidhaahdeen qoladani Ina Rayaale ayaa wax noosheegaya tolow isagu markuu isbeddelo yuu odhan doonaa wax bay ii sheegeen? Saxaafadda ayaana baadhi doonta cidda wax u sheegta anigu garan maayee, daawadana qiimaheedu waxa weeye $270,000 dollar, KULMIYE ahaana waxa nagaga baxay 15,000 dollar oo nooli ah. Haddaba, dawladda daawadan ay xaraysatay maxaa kaga baxay? Daawadana maadaama hadday istoodhka soo gashay aan la garanayn cid keentay in cid laga wareegay midna, halkaa waxa soo galaysa musuqmaasuq oo laga wado waxan in sidii doono loo galo,” ayuu yidhi Dr. Axmed Xaashi Oday.

Haseyeeshee, Wasiirka Caafimaadka Somaliland Md. Cabdi Haybe Maxamed, ayaa gaashaanka ku dhuftay eedaymaha uu u soo jeediyeen Guddoomiyaha iyo masuuliyiinta xisbiga KULMIYE, kuwaas oo uu ku tilmaamay waxba kama jiraan, isla markaana wixii daawooyin ah ee dalka yimaad ay masuul ka tahay Wasaaradda Caafimaadku.

“Daawadaa aad ka hadlayso wasaaraddu hore ayey ula wareegtay. Wasaaradda Caafimaadka ayaa cashuur-dhaaf u samaysay, wixii wasaaraddu cashuur-dhaaf u samaysana wasaaradda ayaa la wareegta, wixii daawo ku saabsan annagaa gaadhsiina gobollada qaybinana, siday tahayna annagaa ugu qaybina, wax xisbi leeyahayna ma ahayn ee waxay ahayd wax qurbo-jooggu soo direen, arrintaa [amar Madaxweynuhu ugu diiday inuu tago wareejinta daawooyinka] wax ka jiraana ma jiraan.” Sidaa waxa yidhi Md. Cabdi Haybe oo isna shalay saxaafaddu wax ka weydiiyeen eedaymaha uu xisbiga KULMIYE u soo jeediyey iyo sababta ay KULMIYE oo xisbi qaran ah ugala wareegi waayeen daawooyinka taageerayaashooda Maraykanku soo direen.
Waxa kale oo Wasiirka Caafimaadku ganafka ku dhuftay in Madaxweynuhu ku amray inaannu tegin wax xaflad ah oo xukuumaddu daawooyin kalagala wareegayso xisbiga KULMIYE.

Source: Jamhuriya

10 Wajiilaha Ahmed Sh. Faarax - By Rashid Bakal

Waxaan dhamaan dadwaynaha ama akhristayaasha ku salaamayaa salaanta muslinka salaamu calaykum.

Waxaa baryahan danbe ba ka socdoy wadanka north America lacag ururin loo ururinaayey, dadkii ilaaheey dhibaatada uu ku keenay. Hadaba waxaa jira dad marka dadkeena dhibaataysan waxa looqabanyo ama horimarin laga sheekaynayo gobalka dhex dhiga shiki iyo been abuur ay leeyihiin dad gaaraa waxan wata ooka faa’idaysanaya ee lacagihiina ha iska bixinina.

dadkaa waxaa kamid ah aabana u ah Ahmed Sh. Faarax. waayo waxaana articalkan aan usoo qoray, markii aniga oo ku nool magaalada ottawa ee Canada uu iila yimid uuyiri lacagihiinii aad dirteen, ragbaa ku magacdoontay (ILAA HOWNA BADBAADI)

hada waa dhibaatada dhacday maanta ee dadkeenii ku dhacday ayuu ka fikirayaa waxan oo kale.Anaguna kama aanan aqbalin ee waan dirnay lacagihii waanan gaarsiinay boorame.

mida kale waxaa habsaanka ka dhigay dadkeenii kale ee reer awdal ee lacaga uririnaayey,waa axmed sh.faarax,oo dadkii lawadahadley,ee isaga la caqli ahaa shiki buuna galiyey.mida kale lacagii waagii aan rabnay inaan u ururino garoonkii boorame isagaa baa'biiyey markaa walaalayaal waxaan idinka codsanayaa anigoo aanaan is qarinayn magacaygana aan badalayn waayo WAXAAN SIDAA U LEEHAY ISAGAA MAGACA BADALA,MARNA SHEEGTA GABAR MARNA SHEEGTA NINKALE.

magacaygana la yiraahdo RASHID ABDI BAKAL. waxaan rabaa inaan u ducayno walaalkeen axmed sh.faarax oon aan ilaahay aan ubarino inuu qalbigiisa nadiif ka dhigo waayo waanin tolkeena waana iskuwada baahanayay.

Salaamu Calaykum

Thursday, February 14, 2008

xuska maalinta jacaylka aduunka(kudayasho indhala)

Waxa aad looga murugooda ah inay maanta dadkii ku abtirsanayay diinta islaamku kala garanwayaan maxad leedahay iyo maxaanad lahayn maxaa sharciya iyo maxaa xaaraana waxaad moodaaa inay isku soohadheen ciilkama kore iyo calooshii laciyaar Maanta oo ay tahay bisha feberoury 14 waxaa looyaqaanaa inay tahay maalinta jacaylka aduuna dadka isjecelna ay caadaysteen inay maalintaa siiyaan ahmiyad ugara jacaylkooda sanad guure uga dhigaan

waxaad arkaysaa maalintaas inay cirka isku shareeraan ubaxyada xanjooyinka wadnaha kasamaysan love ka iyo waxyaaba badan oo astaan u,ah jacaylka waxaana dhacda mararka qaarkood inay dad dhan oo magac kuleh aduunka;

maalinkaas is guursadaan si,ay uga dhigaan astaanta guurkooda maalinka jacaylka hadaba akhriste inyar ii ogolow inaaan kuwaydiiyo dhawr su,aalood ,,,,,malinta jacaylku halkay katimid ? Inkasta oo ayjiraan fikrada kala duwan oo laga qabo halka ay katimiday hadana waxaa la,isku waafaqsanyahay inay kusoo wada biya shubmayaan inay tahay maalin loogu magac daray qofmartabad kuleh diinta kiristaanka ,,, tusaale ahaan waxaa layidhaahdaa ,maalintani waxay ahayd maalintii ladaldalay.

wadaadkii kiristaanka ahaa ee la'odhanjiray (saint valentine) wadaadkan sida ay sheeganayaan waxaa lagu dilay arin ahayd waqtigaas boqorkii maamulayay dalkaasi talyaaniga oo mamnuucay inaan la isguursado ,,ayuu wadaadkan iyo wadaad kale oo ay saaxiib ahaayeen ayaa waxay kukaceen inay isku dhisaan dadka,, jabiyaana xeerkii uu udhigay boqorku dabadeedna boqorkii wuxuu maqlay warkii sidii ayaana lagu daldalay labadii wadaadba ,,taasi waa mid waxaa kaloo layidhaahdaaa malinta jacaylku waxay kabilaabantay magaalda roma waxaana looguna magacdaray boqorad la.odhanjiray (juno).

Su,aaal,,maxaa inoogu wacan inaan ciida gaalada si,indhala ula xusno teenana lagu tilmaamo inay tahay xadgudub wayn ?Waxaan cidina daah kasaaranayn inay gaaladu aaminsantahay ciida carafo ee u,ah dadka muslimiinta farxada ugu wayn inay tahay maalin lagu xadgudbay xuquuqda xoolaha waanad wada aragtaan oo maaha waxqarsoon dhamaan idaacadaha aduunka waalaga sheegaa ,ma arkaysid xataa iyaga oo shaqooyinkooda kafadhiya ,,maxaa inoogu wacan inaan noqono dadbilaa damiira oo hadii daasad latumaba daba joogo wallaaaaaahi waa wax laga xishoodo Jacaylka ay inala rabaan waa noocma?

Waxa ay inala rabaan mushrikiintu maaha jacayl sharciya ee waxay doonayaan jacayl banayna galmood ,,taasina waxay noqotay mid iyaga laftoodu kuguuldaraysteen oo hada magac uun kasoo hadhay Marlaga sameeyay dalka maraykanka daraasad ayaa waxa la,ogaaday dadka uu hayo cudurka nafsigu ,,inuu yahay haween ay ragoodu jidh dil kusameeyeen Dadbadan ayaa waxaa iimuuqata inay ufahmi doonaan inay diinta islaamku diidayso jacaylka taasina waa been diinta islaamku jacayl inuu jiro kama soohorjeedo laakiin waxay inoo ogoshahay jacayl gogoldhig u ah guur sharciya inta badana mar daraasad lasameeyay jacaylka guulaysta maaha jacaylka lasheekaysto sanadaha badan waxaana laxaqiijiyaya sheekada dheeree kahoraysay guurku inay boqolkiiba 80 fashiliso guurka.

Waxaa ugu wanaagsan oo laxaqiijiyay inaa guul laga gaadhi karo waxa weeyi jacaylka lagala hadlo hooyada iyo gabadha larabo la,iskuna dayo inaan loodejiyo fikrad ah guur degdega sheekaduna ahaado midlagaga tashanayo guur ee ayna ahaanin kolba daasadii latumo daba joogso gabdhiina waqtiga kaga ciyaar kasi maahin jacayl saxa ee waa saqajaan

c/fataax daahir cige

Cairo, EGYPT

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Djibouti's ruling coalition scoops pool

Djibouti's ruling coalition took all 65 seats in parliament
Djibouti's ruling coalition scoops pool
Djibouti opposition says official turnout figure ‘is a lie’ after boycotting parliamentary elections.
DJIBOUTI - Djibouti's ruling coalition took all 65 seats in parliamentary elections boycotted by the opposition, the interior minister said Saturday, adding that turnout exceeded 72 percent, the highest for 15 years.
The opposition labelled Friday's exercise a "charade" and said the announced turnout was far from the reality.
Interior Minister Yacin Elmi Bou said 103,463 people had voted for the Union for a Presidential Majority (UMP) and 6,536 had returned blank or spoiled ballots.
"The turnout was 72.16 percent, the highest for 15 years," he said, while admitting that the relatively low abstention rate was due to almost a quarter of voters disappearing from the electoral roll.
Opposition parties who had called on their voters to stay at home said many Djiboutians had not bothered to register this time because they were "fed up" with the regime of President Ismael Omar Guelleh.
"For us, what happened yesterday was not remotely like an election. It was a farce," Ismail Guedi Hared, head of the three-party opposition Union for a Democratic Alternative (UAD).
"People did not vote yesterday, the 70 percent turnout is a lie," he charged.
The UAD won 38 percent of the vote in the last parliamentary polls in 2003 but this did not translate into any seats under Djibouti's first-past-the-post electoral system.
Djibouti is a poor but strategically significant African country on the Red Sea, housing both French and US military bases.
Source: Middle East Online

Mansadii Xamdi Jacayl - Abdifatah Dahir Cige

qofkii eebe doortee
uqalmaaya caashaqa
kama qado aduunyada
quudkiisa waligii
qalinqora lix xafareey
shan ayaad kuqoran tahay
inta qaadir uumiyo
qarnigaad usidataa

aan qodbeeya gabaygee
anoo tala kaqaayiba
qorshahaygu uuyahay
qaban qaaba hawleed
axadnimo qiyaastii
qaar walaala daacada
manu qaadin socodkii

saafi qoobka maan dhigin
qabqab hawl namay galin
gabaygii qur,aankiyo
qaar jacayla maan galin
habayntii laqaad qaad
anigoo qoslaayoo
qalbiguna farxaan yahay
qiimaynta sheekada
qayb aan kuleeyahay
xaajadu qasnaynoo
qudbi yahay isfahankuna
imahelin qabow,oo
wax iqaatay mooyee
qalbigii uraray meel

qayla musik baa furan
qoob ciyaarna lagu daray
kuqotomiyay aragii
guud ahaan qiyaastii
dadku wuu qurxoonaa
alla bixiya quruxdee
mid aan quudhin bay hayd
amaantana kaqaniyoo
xataa maanso looqoro
kaqabwayn runtiiyoo
kaxishooday qalinkii
loo qiray ayay hayd

qajilaad muquurmoo
qawlkiina dhigi waa
dabnuhuna isqaban waa
qalanjay runtii hayd
bal aan qiiree sheegee
qalanjadan midbay hayd
qaadirkeen dhammeeyoo
qumanaan udhalatoo
qiyaasteedu dhabi tahay
afku qalin madawyahay
dhexdu qabasha ay tahay
wajiguna qor qoran yahay
mid quruuraduu haa
sartu qaawanaynoo
qayba yari kamuuqdaan

qoor geed magooliyo
quruxdii suleekhana
mid isqari tidhay hayd
qosol dabac sanbay hayd
gabadh qaaliyay hayd
qurcud dama habeenkoo
laga quustay nuurkii
qamar soobaxay hayd

dhulkoo ciiri qarisoo
laqaboobay dhaxantii
qorax diirisay hayd
isma quudhu aadmigu
waa tala qadiimoo
ishaa la isku qaadaa

sadex qaaf bilaw yahay
qulacudu wa mide
kuwii qaasim looqoray
markay sixir uqariyeen
iyo gabi qur.aankaba
gidi qoorta kusudhay
nolol qaaya badan iyo
qoys kaagu khayr badan

ilqabawsi waad heli
qabri kuufudaydiyo
qiyaamaha najaaaxbaan
qayd kaaga dhigayaa
qaadirkuna hakula jiro

c/fataax daahir cige
Cairo, EGYPT