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A pregnant Somali woman - Minneapolis Bridge; AP

A pregnant Somali woman and her daughter are those unaccounted for after the Mississippi River bridge collapse in Minneapolis.Sadiya Sahal left her home at 5:15 p-m Wednesday with her two-year-old daughter Hanah Mohamed in the back seat.According to a spokesman for the family, Sahal called her family several minutes later to say she was stuck in traffic on the bridge. She is five-months pregnant.Sahal is a nursing student who came to the United States from Somalia seven years ago and graduated from Washburn High School in Minneapolis.

Source: AP

Friday, August 03, 2007

UN: 27,000 Fled Mogadishu Since June - AP

The Associated Press
Friday, August 3, 2007; 5:34 PM

MOGADISHU, Somalia -- An estimated 27,000 people have fled Somalia's violent capital since June, part of an exodus that has sent a fifth of Mogadishu's 2 million residents fleeing for safety, the U.N. said Friday.The city has seen little peace since December, when Ethiopian troops backing Somalia's government ousted a radical Islamic militia. Insurgents vowed to launch an Iraq-style guerrilla war.The unrelenting violence has stopped thousands of people who have fled Mogadishu from returning home, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said Friday. Only about 125,000 have returned, the U.N. said last month."Mothers are unable to buy food for their children and workers unable to make a living," the agency said.

Mortars slammed into homes Thursday, killing eight people, including a mother and her two daughters, witnesses said.Police spokesman Yusuf Osman Hussein blamed the attacks on remnants of an Islamic militia driven from Mogadishu in December by Ethiopian troops backing Somalia's fragile government. The militants have been waging insurgent attacks for months in an attempt to regain power.Eric Laroche, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator for Somalia, said the unrelenting violence is preventing the return of thousands of people who have fled to squalid camps on the outskirts of the capital.

Laroche spoke during an unannounced visit Thursday to the Somali capital.The majority of those fleeing the capital are from districts near the building hosting a national reconciliation conference aimed at helping the country heal the wounds of 16 years of conflict. The meeting was delayed several times due to violence and infighting, and has been the target of insurgent attacks since it opened July 18.Somalia has been mired in chaos since 1991, when warlords overthrew dictator Mohamed Siad Barre and then turned on each other. The U.N.-backed government that formed in 2004 has struggled to assert its authority.Many of the people who have left the capital live in squalid refugee camps.

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Baaq: Riyalism Dictatorship Has No Place in Somaliland - Awdal Community

Baaq: Riyalism Dictatorship Has No Place in SomalilandAugust 02, 2007Baaq kasoo baxay bulsho waynta gobolka Awdal ee qurbaha oo si buuxda u taageeraya in lasii daayo siyaasiyiinta Ururka Qaran ee sida sharci darada ah loo xidhxidhay, Dr. Gaboose, Mohamed Haashi iyo Jamal Caydiid oo taariikhdu markay ahayd 28/07/2007 loo dhaadhiciyay xabsiga mandheera.Dawalada Rayaale waxa waajib ku ah in ay ixtiraanto xuquuqda ay dadka muwaadiniinta ahi ay leeyihiin ee ah in ay ka qayb gali karaan tartanka siyaasadeed ee loogu halgamaayo sidii loo horumarin lahaa geedi socodka la rabo in Somaliland ay noqoto mid la tartanta caalamka dhinac kastaba, xag dhaqaale, xag siyaasadeed iyo ilaalinta xuquuqal iinsaanka. waxa la marayaa qarnigii 21-tanaad, meel uma hayno keligii teliye.Awdal diaspora community in North America is demanding the immediate release of the leaders of Qaran political movements, Dr Gaboose and Mohamed Haashi Jamaal Caydiid.

The current administration has the duty to protect the rights of the people of Somaliland. The people of Somaliland have the rights to organize, and participate any political movements of their choice. This is the 21st century and Riyalism Dictatorship Has No Place in Somaliland.The following Awdaleits signed the petition for Qaran leaders to demand their immediate release. The Human rights of the people of Somaliland must be protected under any administration and the rights that they have to organize and participate any political movements of their choice must be honored as well. The petition was signed by more than 500 people, but requested not to release the entire list at the moment.

Mohamad Hashi

Idriss Badar Yonis

Abdirahman Hadi

Ibrahim Mohamed Cali

Abdiqani Mohamed Badar

Mohamud Mohamed badar

Barkhad Ahmed dheere

Ali barkhadle (Ali Baba)

Jamac Ali Ahmed

Hussein Mead

Cali nur Ismail

Ibrahim Hussein

Kayd Askar Diriye

Mursal Ali Askar

Mohamed Dugsiye

Abdiwahab Elmi Boqore

Suleiman Barre

Maryan Dahir

Rashid Omar Diriye

Dayib Cumar

Abiib Hamud Jibril

Hassan Hamud Jibril

Yasmin Muse cumar

Nuuh Omar Sulthan

Mahamed Cabdi Omar

Cabdisalan Egeh Amin (Cige Bilig)

Haamud Khayre

Bashir Hamud

Cusman Farah Qaabil

Mahamed Farah Aden

Abdirahman Omar timojilic

Shill Mahir

Yasin Judhiyaan

Hussein Ahmed Yusuf

Hassan Ali Ibrahim

Mohamed Ali Ibrahim

Elmi Ahmed

Suleiman Geedi

Dahir Muse Sheikh Cabdilahi (Codwayne)

Abdi Ali Adeeryo

Muse Ali Askar

Dahir Hashi

Samatar Ali Abdillahi

Sahal Ali

Mukhtar Amin (Cige Bilig)

Mahamed H. Ibrahim

Abdulkadir Hussein Egeh

Hassan Husein Egeh

Mahamed Mohamoud Warsame

Mahamed Elmi Boqore

Abdirashid Barkhad

Mustafe Barkhad Abdillahi

Mahamed Elmi Farah

Hassan Mumin Dhinbiil

Mustafe Muse

Yusuf Ahmed Aynaan

Siciid Dahir

Abdi Nur Wacays (Dubeeco)

Mohamed Hassan jamac

Mahamed Abdi

Abdirahim H. Ibrahim

Abdirisaq Yusuf Wayrax

Faysal Hamud

Abdi Harun

Ahmed Qayaad

Omar Qawdhan

Osman Idriss

Abdiqadir Ali Warsame

Ilyaas Barkhad Abdillahi

Abaadir Barkhad Abdillahi

Nuuh Suleiman Sh. muxumed

Abdillahi Obsiye

Awo Obsiye

Sa'ada Mohamed Ibrahim

Abdi Farah Budhe

Ali Abdillahi Abib

Hussein Guled

Bashir Muse

Hassan Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed Ali Garoodhshe

Mustafe Mohamed Hassan

Yasin ali Garoodshe

Amran Osman

Shamsan Ismail Nuur

Abdifatax Mubarak Osman

Abdillahi Muse Hufane

Weli Muse Hufane

Ali barkhad (Ali Diig)

Abdoo Ibrahim Aw-dahir

Abdirahman Hussein Samale

Rahma Abubakar Sh. Abdillahi (Codwayne)

Nimco Ahmed

Rashid Nur

Abdirizaq Mohamed Madar

Qaasim Dahir Elmi

Hassan Yusuf Wadad

Muse Ali Wacays

Awdal Community in North America

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The Coming Presidential Elections - Suleiman Egeh

Part 1

The coming presidential elections:

A great opportunity for change "Nonviolence is the answer to the crucial political and moral questions of our time; the need for mankind to overcome oppression and violence without resorting to oppression and violence. Mankind must evolve for all human conflict through a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love." Martin Luther King Jr.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Martin Luther King Jr.

Democracy is a word that has been with us for several thousand years. But in most cases it is misused, abused and misrepresented. In the last century, it became a patch which even known tyrannical states pin on their suits for show. Some unscrupulous states used names such Democratic Republic of Yugoslavia, Democratic Republic of East Germany and the Democratic Republic of Korea.In the dictionary definition, "democracy" is a government by the people in which the highest power of the state lays with the people.

According to Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of the United States " Democracy is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people."Democracy is a set of ideas and principles about freedom. A democratic society must have the following three attributes:1. Constitutionally elected government 2. Respect of civil and human rights 3. Equality for all before the law.Before I get into the main topic-the presidential elections, I want to respectively disagree with Mr. Ahmed Sh. Farah of regarding his rebuttal of a piece on website.The Waheen piece illuminated that the Mahad Asse sub clan are jockeying for the vice-presidential slot in KULMIYE party.

I don't see anything wrong if the different Samaroon Subclans, Isaaq sub clans, Issa sublans, Harti subclan or Gabooye run from different parties. We are in a democratic society. Different individuals, different subclans running from different parties is just healthy, democratic, and I don't understand how that can bet some subclans against the other.Though there is a common big picture, clans, subclans and sub sub clans have different interests. If some Samaroon sub clans are running for the presidency from UDUB, what is wrong if the other Somaliland communities including the Mahad Asse run from KULMIYE or UCID.

Every individual, clan, sub clan or sub sub clan have the right to run from any party they want. We all know the country badly needs a change for the better. Our country is in a transition from the anarchic tribal system into a party system. We are a fledgling democracy. We know the power of the clan will be weakening as time passes. But we have to face it, some form of tribalism will be with us for sometime.On the other hand, attacking the messenger and calling him names is counter productive. Though I don't know who wrote the Waheen message, I strongly believe the contents are genuine and are a reflection of the coming presidential elections.

The temperature of the presidential elections is getting hotter every day. I am not a fan of clannism in general, but I still believe the Mahad Ase community has every right to run from any party they wish. The other Somaliland communities also have that right. Like other subclans, The Mahad Asse subclan are free to run from where ever they think their interest is. The time when citizens will remain captive for do nothing politicians because of clan affiliation only is over.I strongly believe the country needs a new direction. The country needs a peaceful change for the better.

The time for new blood is here. The nation needs a fresh leader and leaders who can steer it to a new forward direction. We have seen the insignificance of clannism and tribalism. We know it is just a monster that is excessively used by some politicians. It is the trademark used by poor politicians who are bent to bypass the normal public scrutiny. It is a crutch used by mediocre politicians who are aspiring to reach to the top echelons of power by simply invoking its name.The time for these politicians to deceive all people is gone.

Few my still get away with this nonsense. but the time for politicians without political plans, agendas, platforms to come to the highest offices of the land through tribalism is in the past. The time of a peaceful democratic change is here. We reached the time for a peaceful transfer of power.The current government will also be remembered and evaluated with their record. They will be praised by the good things they have done and will be criticized for their mistakes.All the political parties must wage a clean, democratic and robust campaign where they lay out their policies and plans. It is time these parties and especially KULMIYE and UCID have to shake every tree, climb every mountain, wade through every river and earn the votes of every and each Somalilander.

These parties have to abandon the grouping of people. They must stop the wholesale lumping of people together on the bases of ethnicity, tribalism and regionalism. People must be treated as individuals regardless of their ethnicity, tribe and region. The parties must put together clearly come up with political plans. They need to sell their agenda to the mases.With no malaise, political parties must explain their political platforms in every hamlet, village, farm, town, city and even in the Diaspora. KULMIYE, UCID and UDUB must campaign in the all areas of Somaliland, from north to south and west to east. The leaders aspiring to replace the current president Mr. Rayaale must put together a robust political platform.

They must formulate a winning formula that may effect change for the better.The bardon is on these parties to explain to Somalilanders that they are a better alternative to the current administration.Angry politicians must stop their rantsIn general I am against the imprisonment of the Qaran politicians such as Mr. Mohamed hashi and Der Gaboose. But on the other hand, it is time for these politicians and others to come up with something positive. The latter must come with some kind of good policies and platforms they can sell to citizens. These politicians must stop resorting to negative campaigns of the past.They must explain themselves, and stop just focusing on other's shortcomings.

I never heard something positive from the above-named politicians. You can not be relevant leaders by simply focusing on others negatives and the politics of division, discord and disagreement. It is time for these old guard to put up or pack up and just disappear into quieter and non political lives. These politicians must abandon their bizarre behavior and bellicose political statements.They must emphasize peace, harmony and the common good. They must stop bringing constant flashing of new tricks from their magic box. They need to stop the introduction of new unregistered and illegal parties.

They need to obey the land of the land. If the constitution allows the creation of a new party, the government must let them exercise that right. But if it didn't allow the creation of a new party, these leaders have to follow the law. This is a country of laws. This politicians must stop their attention seeking stunts and outrageous statements.

Suleiman Egeh-Freelance writer
MS: Moleuclar Biology
MA: Science Education

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Inta aanad hubso Siilaanyoy gudoomiyaha xisbiga kulmiye: Axmad Cabdilaahi Faqle

Taariikhdu cidna ma diido, cidna madulmido ee waxay daacad qortaa nin iyo waayihii, waxa ay qortaa wax walba, iyada oo ku caan baxday dhex dhexaadnimo iyo eexasho la’aan. waxana taasi ka marag ah in ay soomareen dunidan dad farabadan oo ay badhkood ka galeen baalasha dahabka ah ee mudnaanta isla markaana ay ka dhigtay kuwo ku abtirsada nabadoonnimo, hormar iyo isusoodhawayn ay mabaadidooda ku fulinayaan;

waxana kaaga filan oo qudha in aad dib u jaleecdo dadka noocan ah “Max’ed Siyaad Barre, Nelson Mandela-hii South Africa, iyo Mother Taresa-dii reer Indiya. Dhanka kale waxa jira shakhsiyaad badan oo iyaguna ay taariikhdu ka dhigtay kuwo lagu xasuusto hadimooyinkii iyo hagardaamooyinkii ay gaysteen waqtiyadii ay dunida joogeen kuwaas oo ay taariikhdu ka marakacayso dheef la’aantii ay ka tageen, waxana tusaale kaaga filan “Fircoonkii Ilaahnimada sheegtay, Kaligii taliyihii Hitler, iyo hogaamiyayaashii SNM ee soomali halaaga u horseeday.

Dalkeena marka loo soo laabto ka soo bilow 1984kii oo ah horaantii waayihii ay masiibadu u baahnayd gargaarka waxa gacan qabtay oo horkacayay SNM, waxana marag madoon ah in ay tani dibindaabyo ku noqotay umada soomaaliyeed, ma ahayn intaas oo kaliya balse 26kii june ee sanadii 1960-kii la cararay calanka ee geeyay koonfur waxa ay ahaayeen in ku abtirsata SNM. Laba sano kabib 1962-kii hagardaamadii calan lacarakka oon bogsan umada, isla markaana aan la dhadhamin micnahii midaw intii afgambigii fashilmay isku dayday ee dalka la timid afkaaro qori caaradii xukun kula wareeg ah oo laga soo dheegtay Kuuba iyo Shuuuciyad waxa ay ahaayeen In ku abtirsata SNM.

Qoriga oo ah mid ku jira gacanta dawladana kuwii gobolada waqooyi la soogalay qori ay ugu adeegayeen danihii Mingisto iyo amxaarna waxa ay ahaayeen SNM.Intaas waxa ka sii daran dadka soomaaliyeed cadawgoogii soo jireenka ahaa ee ay diinta iyo dhulka isku hayeen oo xabashi ah cida dalka keentay Ilaa maantana daba dhilifka u ahi waa in ku abtitsata SNM.Maanta oo waayo badan laga soo gudbay dalkan Somaliland dhexdiisa kuwa kuraasta uwaashay ee dastuurkii ay umadu u codaysay u malaynaya kii SNM-na waa qaar SNM ah.Waxa kale oo layaab ah in ay soomaalidu caado u lahayd is gargaarka iyo dabka shidma bakhtiin ayna ergo ka ahaan jireen inta la jaarka ah.

SNM inta ku abtirsataayina ay tidhi car yaa kala badbaadin.Waase hubaal in SNM qabiil lagu aasaasay taasise wax ay ka dhigantahay inta ku abtirsata in aanay qabiil mooyee qaranimo aqoon. Maanta kuwa dalka jooga ee hanaanka dimuquraadiyada, geedi socodka furfurnaanshaha dalka iska indha tiraya ee aduunka riyada ka iibinayaa waa SNM. Dalkan Somaliland waxa wada daga lix qabiil oo waawayn iyo qabiilo kale oo laga tiro badanyahay, sidaas oo uu xaalyahay inta aaminsan anaga mooyee yaanay inkale ka manaafacaadsan khayraadka dalka waa SNM.

Arintuse waxa ay isugu soo ururaysaa in ay arinta qabqablaysaashani la mid tahay sheekadan soo socota “nin tuug ah ayaa waxa ay saaxiibo ahaayeen aadna isku yiqiineen nin kale oo bakhaarle ah, habeen ayaa ninkii tuuga ahaa u yihid saaxiibkii oo ka dalbay in uu la seexdo markaas ayuu ka ogolaaday, saqdii dhexe ayey ninkii tuuga ahaa kacay oo uu bilaabay in uu foosto shidaal ah oo bakhaarka taalay uu xado, bakhaarku waa xidhxidhnaa marka laga reebo daaqad sedex mitir dhererkeedu yahay oo furnayd waxaana uu go’aansaday in uu daaqadaas ka tuurto foostada. wuu soo riixay, kadib sawaxankii iyo shanqadhii foostada ayuu ku baraarugay ninkii bakhaarka lahaa, waxana uu ku dhaqaaqay cod dheer oo uu ku leeyahay waar waa kuma, ninkii tuuga ahaa oo aanay galin wax naxdin ah ayaa ugu jawaabay “saaxiib waa anigii oo waxaygii walaaqanaya ee iska seexo.”

Hadaba akhristoow hadalkani waxa loola jeedaa kuwa siyaasada guracan doonaya in ay dadka ku khiyaameeyaan islamarkaana burburinaya sharciga iyo nidaamkii dalka u yaalay waxaanan uga digaynaa taageerayaasha kuwaa aan soo sheegay oo doonaya inay dadka iyo dalka nabadu taalo u horseedaan in sida muqdisho loo kala yaacay ee colaada iyo isdilku yaalo ay ka dhigaan dadkeena qaranimada iyo dawladnimada haysana, waxaana garan shacabka cid kasta oo garaad leh ugu baaqayaa in kuwaasi doonaya in qalaase iyo rabshado ka dhacaan dalka laga foojignaado fidnada ay wadaan waxaanay la mid yihiin ninkaa damac xumadiisa is yidhi daaqad sedex mitir ah kala dhac foosto.

Axmad Cabdilaahi Faqle
Siyaasiga Qarniga

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tababarkii Tayeynta macalimiinta ee ka socday jaamacada Camuud oo la soo gabagabeeyey - Abokor afi

Mudo laba bilood ah ayaa tababar tayeynta macalimiinta gobolada Awdal iyo Saaxil uga socday jaamacada Camuud, waxaana ujeedadu ahayd sidii sare loogu qaadi lahaa aqoonta macalimiinta wax ka dhigta dugsiyada Hoose/Dhexe ee tuulooyinka ku yaal labadaas gobol, waxaa kale oo qorshaha ku jira sidii macalimiinta aan ka aqoon sarayn heer dugsi sare ah in iyagana la gaadhsiiyo heer ay aradayda waxa ay barayaan noqdaan mid ka saraysa heerkii uu ahaa, waxaana iska kaashanaya arintaas tababarka tayeynta macalimiinta wasaarada waxbarashada iyo hay'ada SC Denmark, halka ay macalimiinta wax barayaana ay ka socdaan jaamacada Camuud, waxaa kale oo arintaas weheliya sidii macalimiinta heer Diploma loo gaadhsiin lahaa, waxna la baro xilyada ay iskuuladu fasaxa yihiin.

tarabarkan oo bilowday sanadkii hore waxaa imika waxbarshadu u soctay 200 oo macalin oo ka kala socday Saaxil iyo Awdal, halka macalimiinta Burco iyo Hargaysana ay wasaarada waxbarashada gacan ka siiyaan hay'adaha Care International iyo Save The Chidren UK, macalimiinta casharada bixinayaana ay ka socdaan jaamacada Hargaysa.gudoomiyaha waxbasharada G/Awdal Prof. Daahir Maxmuud Xadi oo ay weheliyaan gudoomiyaha waxbarashada ee G/Saaxil Max'ed Max'uud Cilmi iyo Guddoomiyaha Jaamacada Camuud Prof. Sulaymaan Axmed Guuleed ayaa maanta ka qayb galay munaasabdii lagu soo xidhayey tababarkii tayeynta aqoonta macalimiinta oo socday mudo laba bilood ah, laguna qabtay Hall-ka jaamacada Camuud waxaana halkaasi ka hadlay gudoomiyaha waxbarashada gobolka Awdal.

Prof. Xadi wuxuuna ka waramay in ujeedadu tahay in macalinka xag cilmi iyo xirfada gudbinta casharda loo siin lahaa waana arin ku qotonta siyaasda wasaarada waxbarashada waxaana la ogaaday mudadii koobnayd ee ay socdeen tababaradaasi ay macaliiintu ka heleen aqoon korodhsi aad u dheer.gudoomiyaha waxbarashada gobolka Saaxil oo isna munaasabadaas ka hadlay ayaa sheegay in waqtiyadii tabaradaas ay qaadeen macalimintu laga dareemayo iskuuladii ay wax ka dhigayeen sida ay waxbarshadoodi isku badashay taasi oo laga arkayo fasladii ay wax ka dhigayeen.

gudoomiyaha jaamacada Camuud Prof Sulaymaan ayaa isna ka hadlay oo yidhi:shaqada macalinimadu waa mid aad y qiimo badan wuxuuna ku tilmaamay tukaan aan kacayn, isla markaasina macalinku wuxuu had iyo jeer helaa dad badan oo qiimaynaya oo tixgalin siinaya goor kasta, wuxuuna kula dardaarmay macalimiinta in aanay ka daalin waxbarshada isla markaana ay aqoontooda sii kordhiyaan si ay u noqdaan macalimiin waaya arag ah oo meel kasta wax ka heli kara.

Weriye Hassan Isse
Borama, Awdal

Degaanka Degmada Saylac oo dhaqaaleheedu sare u kacay - Hassan Afi

Gudoomiyaha Goloha deegaanka Degmada Saylac Maxamed Cumar oo ka hadlayey dhinacyada dhaqaalaha nabadgaliyada iyo arimaha bulshada. Ayaa sheegay in labadii bilood ee u ugu danbaysay muuqaal ahaan laga dareemayo in dhaqaaleheedii sare u kacay taasoo uu sabab uga Gudoomiyuhu isgaadhsiinta telefoonada ee gaadhay degmadaasi.

wuxuuna intaasi sii raaciyey inay ka socdaan dhaqdhaqaaqyo ganacsi iyadoo isla markaasina Huteelada dalxiiska ee Rays, Mansoor iyo shirkadaha xawaaladaha ay ka goysanayaan ama ay ka iibsanayaan jagooyin ayka samaystaan meherado kala duwan oo halkaasi u dagan Gudoomiyaha golaha degaanka ee degmada Saylac oo arimahaasi ka hadlayey wuxuu yidhi degmo ahaan waxaa nooga soo kordhay akhli farabadan oo xaga miisaaniyada wax ka taraya wuxuuna intaasi sii raaciyey inay wadaan dib u habayn ay ku samaynayaan goobihii taariikhiga ahaa ee Saylac sida gurigii martida ee degmada Saylac, loona yaqaano guriga fooqa ah ee (kooco) ee uu daganaan jiray gudoomiyihii degmada wakhtigii gumaysiga, wuxuuna intaasi sii raaciyey inay dib u hagaajin ku sameeyeen jasiirada Sacaadudiin oo uu ku tilmaamay inay noqoto meel dalxiis ahaan loo yimaado degmada.

Gudoomiyaha degmada Saylac Maxamed Cumar Cawad oo ka hadlayey xaga nabad galiyada waxa uu sheegay inay tahay degmooyinka ugu xasilan uguna nabad galiyo badan gobolada dalka Somaliland.Gudoomiyaha degmada Saylac wuxuu ugu danbayntii ka hadlay shuban biyoodkii ka jiray degaanka Saylac dhimasho iyo in loo jiifsadaba keenay ayaa maanta waxa uu cadeeyey inuu ku sii hadhay tuulooyika Xariirad iyo Habaas lakiinse wuxuu carabka ku dhuftay in dadaal xoogle oo shuban biyoodkaasi lagu dabar goynayo ay wadaan caafimaadka gobolka Awdal maamulka degmada Saylac.

Weriye Hassan Isse
Borama, Awdal

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Amsterdam: Anakoo ah Jaaliyadaha Qurbo Jooga Ee reer - Samatar Xamse

Anakoo ah Jaaliyadaha Qurbo Jooga Ee reer Awdal khaas ahaan jaaliyadda Holand waxaanu halkan Hanbalyo IYo Taageerba Uga Direynaa Fikradii Maamulka Shirakadda Telesom C/qaadir Aadan Nuur Ee Ahayd Jidka Isku Xira Dilla Iyo Borama Dhiskiisa Oo laami ah Anakoo Ku Faraxsan Fikradda walaalkeen oo mar walba jecel hore marinta gobolka Awdal , hadaanu nahay jaaliyadda holand waxaanu la garab taaganahay Taageero buuxda waxaanan walaaalahayga Qurbo Jooga ah Aan Jecelnahay Inay Taageero Buuxda Nagala Qaataan Sida Jaaliyadaha ,Sweden, Norway , North America: Canada iyo U.S.A, Germany , Finland , Australia , South Africa , United Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia , Switzerland , England , New Zealand , China, Malaysia , France, Belgium, iyoKuwait ,oo ah Dhamaan Qurbo Jooga Awdal , marka labaad waxaanu Hanbalyo u Direynaa Cid Kasta oo ka qayb qaadaneysa Dhiska Jidka Laamiga Ah Ee u dhaxeeya Dilla Iyo Borama Anakoo Ah Jaaliyadda Holand Ee magacyadoodu Hoos Ku Xusan Yihiin.
1- Mustafe Cabadi Xabashi
2- C/ kariin maxamed Faarax dhago
3- Axmed Carab Da'uud
4- Mawliida jaamac aloore
5- C/rashiid jibriil Aamin
6- Idiris Xadi Ibraahim
7- C/qaadir maxamed Cilmi
8- C/qaadir cabdi Jibriil
9- khadar Yuusf Ibraahim
10- Rashiid Xadi idle
11- Samatar Xamse Aadan
12- Shire muuse jaamac
13- C/risaaq Axmed Kuwait
14- C/kariin Daheeye Ismaciil
15- C/qani C/laahi Jiiro
16- Maxamed C/laahi Diiriye
17- Faysal Faarax Aleel
18- C/karin Jaamac ALeel
19- C/raxamaan Ali Rooble
20- C/raxmaan Xuseen Xirsi
21- cumar Xaaji Daahir Aw Cilmi
22- Maxamed xildhibaan Aare
23- Axmed Suldaan ( xildhibaanka
24- Yuusuf Xuseen Suldaan
25-C/qani Dhagjar
26- Shirwac Arki JIrey
27- muxiyadiin baabuloo
28- Mawliid Dacawo
29- NIcmaan Makeyl
30- Fadxiyo maxamed xasan
31- khadra Xasan Kaahin
32- Raxma Sheekh C/laahi Muuse
33- Sucaad

Source: Samatar Xamse

Gacmo Wadda JIr Bay Waxa Ku qaban Karaane Aan Is Wehesho Walaalayaal Aan Wadda Jirno walaalayaaal