Saturday, September 22, 2007

Somaliland official says al Qaeda suspects arrested

By Hussein Ali Noor
Reuters Saturday,
September 22, 2007; 7:30 AM

HARGEISA, Somalia (Reuters) - Ethiopian troops arrested six men believed to be members of al Qaeda during a cross-border operation in the breakaway republic of Somaliland, a senior Somaliland official said on Saturday.

There was no immediate word from Addis Ababa, which has sent thousands of soldiers to support an interim government in neighboring Somalia threatened by Islamist-led insurgents.

The chairman of Somaliland's central region of Togdheer, Abdi Hussein Dere, told reporters Ethiopian forces entered the town of Buholde on Friday and occupied the main police station before arresting six Somalis in four vehicles.

"The cars were on their way to Mogadishu," Dere told a news conference. "After their arrest, I think Ethiopian informers told the troops the arrested men belonged to al Qaeda."
Somalia's interim administration often accuses foreign jihadists of working with local insurgents in the capital to carry out roadside bombings and assassinations that have targeted the government and its Ethiopian military allies.

In June, the U.S. military launched air strikes on the semi-autonomous region of Puntland, which borders Somaliland.

U.S. officials declined to comment on a CNN report that they were targeting a suspect in the 1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, which killed 240 people.
The United States also launched air strikes in southern Somalia in January aimed at three top al Qaeda suspects but killed the suspects' allies instead, U.S. officials have said.

Source: Reuters

Friday, September 21, 2007

UN Rights Envoy Says Fear Growing in Somalia

By VOA News
21 September 2007

A United Nations human rights expert says people in Somalia are more afraid then ever of being targeted by fighting in the capital, Mogadishu.

Ghanim Alnajjar said Friday that civilians are afraid of being killed and of being arrested by insurgents, government troops and Ethiopian forces. He also accused all sides of recruiting children to fight in the conflict.

Alnajjar was speaking in Nairobi, Kenya, following a brief trip to Somalia. On Thursday, he met with Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf and Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi.

Alnajjar is the U.N.-appointed independent human rights expert on Somalia. He relies on interviews with a wide range of people to make regular reports to the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Mogadishu has been plagued by almost-daily violence since January, shortly after the government and its Ethiopian backers ousted a rival Islamist movement from power.

Battles between Islamist insurgents and pro-government forces have killed thousands and prompted more than 100,000 others to flee the city.
The country has not had a stable central government since warlords ousted dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.

Somalia: Fresh Ethiopia forces deployed in Mogadishu

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Sep 21 (Garowe Online) - Hundreds of fresh Ethiopian troops and armor have arrived in parts of the Somali capital Mogadishu over the past two nights, residents and military sources said.

Residents described seeing military transport trucks and tanks pouring into Ethiopian army bases in Mogadishu.

Somali military sources confirmed that the troops had arrived in Mogadishu, but declined to mention the reason for the new troops' arrival.

It is not clear whether or not the fresh troops will replace comrades who have been serving in Somalia since last December. Unconfirmed reports said more troops from Ethiopia are preparing to deploy into southern Somalia.

There are no certain facts and figures for the number of Ethiopian soldiers in Somalia, particularly in Mogadishu where they are helping defend the interim government from insurgent attacks.

Search operations

An intense search operation commenced early Friday in parts of south Mogadishu's Medina district after suspected insurgents hurled grenades at police last night, wounding 2 officers.
Residents said Medina district has been relatively calm in recent weeks but last night's attack prompted the search operations, being jointly carried out by Somali and Ethiopian forces.

Meanwhile, Somali forces withdrew from parts of Huriwa district overnight, particularly the area around SOS Hospital and the livestock market, sources said.

Residents and truck drivers expressed their happiness to see the troops depart after consecutive weeks of nonstop insurgent attacks in the area.

Businesses have returned to their normal state of operations, traders said.

Families displaced by the Mogadishu insurgency have been gradually returning to their homes, especially in quieter neighborhoods of Mogadishu.
But some returnees sadly described coming back to empty homes ransacked by soldiers and looters alike.

Source: Garowe Online

Somaliland and Puntland in War, as Moderate Leader rises in Somali South

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
September 21, 2007

As unity seems to emerge out of the Asmara meeting of hundreds of Somali delegates, vowed to keep infamous ‘Ethiopia’ out of Somalia, war erupts in other parts of the multi-divided Somalia. A tit-for-tat, good and bad news follow one another in a precipitating rhythm.
Somalia has been de facto divided into three parts; Somaliland seceded proclaiming independence in 1991 in the North to control the former British Somali colonial territory.

With the center of the Somali civil war converging to the South, Somalia’s North-Eastern and Central part declared autonomy in 1998 under the name of Puntland that underscores 3500 years of Somali History, notably due to the extensive passages of Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s Expedition to Punt (1480 BCE). Ever since then, people thought that civil strife would be hopefully limited in Somalia’s southern part only. Unfortunately, this proved to be wrong.

Quite unfortunately, due to the nefarious ‘Ethiopian’ interference, successive divisions, strives and discords have occurred over the past few years. Rancorous racists, the Abyssinian tyrants of ‘Ethiopia’ want to maintain Somalia divided, as they consider this great historical country as their enemy no 1.

Reminiscent of the unforgettable Abyssinian defeat and humiliation at the hands of the Great Somali King Ahmed Ibn Ibrahim, the Abyssinians, under monarchical, communist or bogus-federal/pseudo-republican regimes, have been incessantly revengeful and hateful in their attitude and policy towards Somalia; even today, fake ‘Ethiopia’ occupies a vast part of Somali territory, namely the tyrannized province of Ogaden where almost 5 million Somali face on daily basis multifaceted excruciating and intolerant oppression practices.

The different national aspirations led to the magnification of the most secondary and insignificant divergences. Somaliland regime sought to get international recognition without any success. Contrarily, Puntland rulers decided to wait until the civil strife ends in the Somali South in order to merge again into one and united Somalia.

Tribal and territorial differences have been added, and repeatedly rekindled by the catastrophic and malignant ‘Ethiopian’ pseudo-diplomats. Thus, Somaliland’s harbour Berbera became almost an ‘Ethiopian’ port, helping the landlocked country to avoid the relatively high Djibouti port tolls.

The territorial disputes evolve around a strip of land between Somaliland’s Erigavo and Puntland’s Bossasso (Bandar Kassim) which stretches from the ‘Ethiopian’ border’s Easternmost corner to the Gulf of Aden. This territory is inhabited by the Somali tribes Sool (inland) and Sanaag (on the seaside). The territorial conflict is not due to disputes for natural resources, strategic locations and historical claims. It is all due to the nefarious ‘Ethiopian’ infiltration that the UN, major powers, Human Rights activists and NGOs must finally decide to contravene and eradicate. Quite indicatively, part of the disputed territory, mostly the Sanaag tribe territory, self-declared independence as another state under the name Maakhir just a few months ago (1 July 2007).

The hostilities that took place over the past 48 hours targeted Las Anod, capital of Sool, at a distance of few kilometers from the ‘Ethiopian’ border. As the town belongs to Puntland, Somaliland had gathered military forces at a close distance.

Source: American Chronicle

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dugsi Waxbarasho Sare Ah Oo Laga Furay Magaalada Boorama

Abokor Hassan afi20 Sept. 2007

“Af Soomaaliga Bara Ardayda ugu Horayn”
Gudoomiyaha waxbarashada ee Gobolka Awdal

“Xaasidnimoda Soomaalida waxa ugu Wacan Jahliga”
Maamulaha Qaryatul-Iimaan

(Saylicipress) Maalintii shalay ayaa waxa magaalada Boorama laga furay dugsi waxbarasho sare ah oo loogu magic daray Al-Nuur kaasi ku soo biiray bahda warbarashada ee gobolka Awdal, munaasabadii xadhiga lagaga jaray dugsigan ayaa waxa ka soo qayb galay madaxda waxbarashada ee gobolka, masuuliyiin , waalidiin iyo dadwayne aad u tiro badan.

Madaxa xerada Agoomaha ee Qaryatul-Iman ee magaalada Boorama Cabdiqaadir Maxamed Axmad oo iyadu gacanta ku haysay dhismihii dugsigan ayaa ka waramay ahmiyada ay aqoonu u leedahay bulshada waxana uu carabaabay in bulshada Soomaalidu ay tahay mid ay ku badan tahay xaasidnimadu sababtuna ay tahay ayuu yidhi jahliga oo bulshada indho la’aan ku riday. Waxa kale oo Cabdiqaadir ka waramay xaalada dugsigan waxana uu yidhi “dugsigu waxa uu ka kooban yahay siddeed fasal balse ma qalabaysna waxan aan ka suhgayna in ay wasaaradu arintan gacan naga siiso Maamulaha dugsiga Hoose Dhexe ee Alnuur Cabdiraxmaan Muuse Ibraahim ayaa isna ka waramay in ay dugsigan dhigtaan arday gaadhaysa 1100 arday isla markaana la furay sanadii 1999-kii, waxa kale oo maamuluhu tilmaamay in ay dugsiga wax ka dhigtaan macalimiin ay aqoontoodu gaadhsiisan tahay heer jaamacadeed taasi oo soo jiidatay ayuu yidhi arday faro badan in ay isu soo badalaan waxana uu carabaabay in ay sanadihiii u dambeeyay dugsiga u soo badasheen arday gaadhaysa 200 oo arday.

Dadkii ka soo qayb galay munaasabadan ayaa wax ka mid ahaa Dr. Siciid Axmad Walhad waxana uu doctor-ku ku dardaaray in aad loo hagaajiyo akhlaaqada ardayda taasi oo uu ku tilmaamay in ay tahay mida dhalin karta in la helo arday waxbarashadoodu sarayso una gargaara dalkooda iyo diintoodaba.Gudoomiyaha waxbarashada ee gobolka Awdal Prof. Daahir Maxamuud Xadi ayaa isna tilamaamay in uu ku faraxsan yahay dugsigan horta leh ee soo biiray waxana uu u mahad naqay maamulka Qaryatul Iiman oo uu sheegay in ay dadaal ku bixiyeen dhismaha dugsigan waxana uu yidhi “ waxa aan anana balanqaadaynaa in aan ka caawino dugsigan Al-Nur helida agabkii waxbarasho oo dhamaystiran.

Waxa uu gudoomiyuhu kula dardaaray macalimiinta dugsiga in ay ubadka baraan afkooda hooyo ee Soomaaliga taasi oo uu sheegay in ay tahay waxbarasho aasaasi ah oo loo baahan yahay. Gudoomiyuhu waxa kale oo uu carabaabay in ilaa hada ay xidhiidh fiican leeyihiin dugsiga Al-Nur iyo maamulka Qaryatul-Iiman waxana uu sheegay in ilaa hada ay ka taageereen tababro ay wasaaradu siiso macalimiinta qaar iyo xarunta quudinta caruurta ee dugsigaas.Dugsigan Al-Nur ayaa waxa maal galisay dawlada Kuwait waxana uu dhismihiisu socday mudo lix bilood ah waxana ku baxday lacag dhan 60 kun oo Doolar. Dugsigan ayaa waxa lagu bilaabay arday si toos ah wax uga soo baratay isla dugsiga dhexe ee Al-Nur oo ay tiradoodu dhantahay 95 arday kana kooban 35wiil iyo 60 wiil. Dugigan Al-Nur ayaa waxa lagu dhigi doonaa culuun heer saraysa oo waafaqsan manhajka waxbarasho ee dalka.
Abokor Xassan Caafi

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Badheedhaha Kulmiye: Dibu-Dhigasho Mooyee Wax Is Doorshey May Dhicin.

Maalmihii u dambeeyey waxaa saxaafada aan ku arkaayey baqasho iyo argagax badan oo ka muuqda dhamaan masuuliyiinta iyo taageerayaasha xisbul xaakimka UDUB, waxaan saxaafadda oo dhan ku arkayey been abuur buunbuunin iyo waswaas kii shaydaanka ah oo ay sameeya isleeyihiin, taageerayaasha iyo maamulka xisbiga aan iskukalsoonayn ee UDUB, CAJAA'IB!!!!!!;

Kadaroo dibidhal !!!!!

Taas waxaaba ka sii darnaa website hadda curdin ah oo aan wali la baran oo intii uu dalka iyo dadkaba isku soo dari lahaa baradhaafiyeyba daba-dhilifnimadii ay ku caanbaxday QARANNEWS,Waaba TUKE BAALCAD!!! -

waa shabakada

Waxaan u mahadnaqayaa qoraagii xirfadda badnaa ee analyse geexaayey lixda website ee gobolka Awdal leedahay ee uu qoray Dahir Askar - - ee lahaa:

" waxaad moodaa carwadii Rayaale uu kusoo bandhigay sawiradiisa sidii kacaankii Siyaad Bare uu tukaanlayda uu ugu khasbi jiray inay sawirka madaxwaynaha meel sare saartaan."

waxaanan leeyahay ma kitaabaad ka baadhay sida aad harowo u qeexday? waayo waxaad si fiican u cadaysay waxa ay u taagan tahay website-ka arimahaas hore intaas ku dhaafo, aan u daadago dulucda hadalkayga, oo ah inaan halkan ka cadeeyo beenta iyo warxumo tashiilka ay ku faafiyaan websiteyada taageerayaasha iyo masuuliyiinta UDUB iyagoo kusoo gabanaya beelnimo waa markii ay awoodi waayeen waxkale oo ay iskaga caabiyaan quwadda maalinba maalinta ka dambaysa sii kordhaysa ee xisbiga awoodda badan ee KULMIYE;waxaan idin leeyahay marnaba ha ku seexanina in xisbiga Kulmiye aad awoodiisa wiiqdaan, sikasta oo aad u adeegsataan dabadhilifyada daciifka ah ee sidii shaydaanku asxaabta(RC) ugu dhex dhuuman jiray markay dagaalka ku jiraan isleh xisbiga daacadda iyo dimuqraadiga ah ee KULMIYE ku dhex dhuunta, aan idiin bayaamiyo raga markii shaydaanka la naaray ay cadaatay inay xisbiga tashuush iyo dhagadhagayn UDUB ah ay ahaayeen

waxaa ka mid ah nin maalin dhawayd media ha iyo maqaaxida UDUB ee guriga shaqaalaha ka dhex qaylinayey intuu soo kaxaystay rakaabkiisii, nina rakaabkiisa ma waayo…!!!,waa tashuushkii xisbiga ku dhexjiray ee noocminal shaydaan dheh……shuushow bax...!!!!!!!!!!, waxaanan leeyahay ninkaas adeerow adiga iyo awlaada baarkaagu midna waxba yeelikari maayaan KULMIYE, adiguna waxaan dhib iyo dhilifnimo ahayn lamaad dhex joogin xisbiga, waayo ma tihid nin talo qaata, markasta oo doorashaa dhacaysa aad maqashana adigaa farta ugu hortaaga mediahana ka yidhaa

"waaaaaaaaan sharaxanahayeeeeeeeeeeeeeey"

adigoon la tashan xisbiga, sidaas darteed hagardaamo ayaad xisbiga ku ahayd ee allaa naga kaa furdaamiyey, kuwa aad u tagtana waxba tarimaysid, waxmatare dheh!.Hadalkayga waxaan ku soo gunaanadayaa inay websiteyada aan korkusoo xusay ka waantoobaan masayrka sidii dumarka ay uga masayrayaan xisbiga badka soo dhigay in muwaadin kasta oo xisbiga ka mid ah wax dooran karo lana dooran karo, waayo wali waxaa laga la’yahay ina Rayaale iyo ragga xuurtada ku haysta xisbiga goblamay ee UDUB in ay yidhaahdaan ama qoondeeyaan shirwaynihii ururkooda, ayaandarro UDUB ma u dambaysay dheh…!!!, halka gudoomiye md. Ahmed Siilaanyo u badheedhay inuu xisbiga uu gudoomiyaha u yahay u horseeday sinaan iyo in lala tartami karo, bal xusuuso sidii uu ina Rayaale sameeyey sanadkii uu md. Dr. Cabdi Aw Daahir yidhi waxaan u taaganahay musharaxa madaxweynaha in uu aad uga xanaaqay in cidi isla soo sharaxdo dabadeed digtoorkii gabigiisaba laga saaray xisbiga calashaan cid awood u leh inay iska soo sharaxdo ma jirto xisbiga Udub oo aan aniga ahayn(fikradii ina Rayaale dheh).Isku soo wada duuboo Rayaale iyo rakaab xumadiisa waynu u wada joognaa hadii ilaahay idmo, bal sida ay wax u maareeyaan, waxaan qabaa anigu inay kasoo dhagawayntahay tii ina cali waraabe oo kale, alow xisbi hoogay dheh UDUB.Ugu dambayntii waxaan u sheegayaa warxumo tashiilka leh xisbigii Kulmiye wuxuu awoodi la yahay inuu qabsoomo shirwaynihiisii. Waxaan leehay:

"Weli DalawadaydiiDoobigeedi may dhiminDibu-dhigasho mooyeeWax is doorshey may dhicinAfartaa xan durugtiyoDanni jira wax sheeggii" ...Hadraawi

Refugee hears mother's voice again - Winnipeg FreePress

Tue Sep 18 2007
By Carol Sanders
AFTER losing her home, her family, her country and her adolescence to civil war 17 years ago, a Somali refugee has found her mother thanks to a couple of Red Cross volunteers in Winnipeg.
At a news conference Monday, Ayaan Ahmed Jama recalled the phone call this summer she made to the mother whose voice she hadn't heard in many years.

"She asked me 'Who are you?' and I said 'It's your daughter, Ayaan,' " Jama said through an interpreter.

"She cried. I cried. I said 'I thought you were dead.'"

Now 28 and a mother of two, Jama was 11 years old when her village was attacked. She fled without her parents or family and didn't know if any of them had survived. She ended up in a refugee camp near the Kenya-Somali border. She spent close to a decade in the camp before coming to Canada. She was in Winnipeg for close to five years when she approached the Red Cross for help.

Restoring Family Links caseworkers Elizabeth Gehman and Joanne Klumper first met Jama last November. They gathered her information and got in touch with the Red Cross and Red Crescent's 185 societies. They found out her mother and brother were alive and arranged for Jama to speak with them by phone. Jama said she hopes to because Somalia is still a dangerous place.

"We're all going to die if I go back there," said Jama. "It's better if they come here."

The Canadian government advises against all travel to Somalia. Last December, the Transitional Federal Government (TFG), supported by the Ethiopian military, launched an offensive against the Union of Islamic Courts, who had controlled much of south-central Somalia. Since that time, there have been guerilla-style mortar and grenade attacks against TFG and Ethiopian targets almost daily, mainly in Mogadishu, and civilian casualties are not uncommon.

According to Foreign Affairs, the whole country is dangerous and unpredictable. Travellers are at risk of kidnapping, murder or arrest without notice or apparent cause. There is no guarantee of a fair trial or that local courts will respect diplomatic or United Nations immunities.
"It's suicide if I go there," said Jama, who had nightmares for years after the attack on her village.

Now she is raising her sons named Kofi Annan, 4, and Abdukani, three months, and declined to comment about their father.

"I dream that they'll become good citizens, that they have a good life." She said she tries to smile and act happy for her kids' sake.

"If they're happy, I'm happy."

For the volunteers like Gehman and Klumper, being able to help is a joy in itself. "It's so fulfilling," said Klumper. "This is one of the best volunteer jobs I've ever had." When there is bad news to share -- that the person they were trying to find is dead -- the women deliver it personally. The reaction they get is often sadness but rarely despair.

"Most of them are just so thankful to be here in Canada," said Gehman. Jama found her mother but learned her father and two siblings had died in the civil war.

Still, said Gehman: "She can sleep and her children are safe."

Somalia - Somaliland And Puntland Exchange Artilleries - Shabelle

Somaliland And Puntland Exchange Artilleries

Shabelle Media Network (Mogadishu)
18 September 2007 - posted to the web 17 Sept. 2007

Forces from both sides exchanged cannons at Ari Ade in Sool region in the east of Somali capital Mogadishu. The forces were in eye to eye in the recent days. As par to the reports coming from the environs both sides exchanged heavy weaponries such as mortars, zuus, rocket propel grenade and many other heavy weapons.

The reason behind the confrontation is not yet apparent. Some of the clues from the area are saying that this battle has links with attacks in Lasanod over night which armed youths from Sool attacked Puntland forces.

The aftermath of the fighting is not yet manifest, but for updating stay with Shabelle.
The conflict between the two autonomous is the most gist of the news in both sides.
Earlier there was border dispute between the two self-styled states.

Source: Shabelle

Monday, September 17, 2007

Edmonton -Two shot at club: Possible retaliation

17 September 2007
Police suspect a shooting at a nightclub yesterday was retaliation for a horrific double homicide that claimed two members of the Somali community earlier this month.Cops were called to the Element Lounge at 10807 106 Ave. around 2:30 a.m. Because a man and teenage boy had been wounded.A witness said he saw shotgun shells on the ground following the shooting.Both victims were taken to hospital and are expected to recover.Staff Sgt. Gail Denys said police are investigating whether the shooting is linked to the Sept. 3 shooting deaths of Farhan Hassan, 27, and Kasim Mohamed, 28, following a party at the Fulton Place community hall Sept. 3.

Denys told Sun Media yesterday's attack seemed "retaliatory, possibly related to the (Fulton Place) homicides."Police have made no arrests in either incident.Len Untereiner of Edmonton's Spirit Keeper Youth Society, which works to keep youth out of gangs, says the violence is part of a trend among visible minority youth towards depression and feelings of hopelessness."Violence has been accepted as a lifestyle for many of these young men. These are kids who don't think of turning 30 or having a family, home or kids. They don't value their own lives - how can they be expected to value the lives of innocents?"

Untereiner said a growing number of kids feel as though they "have no future.""It doesn't matter if they are aboriginal or black or white or yellow, there are youth in Edmonton who think they have no more than two choices: grow up in prison, or die very young addicted to drugs and living on the street."Fulton Place Community League president Mike Cousins was dismayed to hear the recent shootings may be linked back to his community, as many of his neighbours are still coming to grips with the earlier night of gunplay."We're working together as a strong community and we have plans to help people feel safer, but I really don't see this as a specific worry for Fulton," he said. "These days, Edmonton tends to bubble with trouble after midnight. The important thing is for communities to work together to make each other feel safe."
The Somali community was rattled by the murders, Edmonton's 21st and 22nd of the year."This is not why they came to Canada," Hassan Ali, president of the Somali-Canadian Cultural Association, said earlier this month.Ali spoke to Sun Media following the funeral service for Hassan and Mohamed."They came here and left Somalia because they were looking for a safe place to live, but the way it ended was not the way they planned and expected," he said at the time.
Another Somali man, 19-year-old Mahamud Yassin Yusuf, was found slain near Stony Plain in May.Three homicides in the tight-knit community have taken a toll, Ali said. "This is too high for us and we need everybody's help to bring those responsible to justice."Police did not believe the Fulton Place shootings were gang or drug related.However, one merchant near the Element Lounge, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said there's a lot of drug activity in the area.

Source: Edmonton Sun