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Meles Zenawi in Somalia = Saddam Hussein in Kuweit - Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

Zenawi’s Plan for Somalia: Hallucinations of the Neo-Nazi Amhara / Tigray butchers of Africa
Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

According to an illuminating reportage published earlier today in the Somali portal Wardheer News by the Abyssinian journalist Tamrat Nega

(, who quotes a personal advisor to the Abyssinian dictator Meles Zenawi, Africa’s most appalling and bloodthirsty tyrant is portrayed as fully involved in the inner politics of neighboring Somalia.

Meles Zenawi in Somalia = Saddam Hussein in Kuweit

The extraordinary attitude of Africa’s Saddam Hussein is identical to that of the late Iraqi dictator, who invaded tiny Kuweit only to be driven out by the Americans in the First Gulf War.

In the same way the Mesopotamian butcher considered Kuwait as his own province, Meles Zenawi finds himself well positioned to decide about the future of the partly invaded Somalia.
The only difference between the two acts is America’s position against Saddam Hussein in the case of Kuwait, and in favour of Meles Zenawi in the case of the Horn of Africa, which underscores how erroneous the latest decision has been.

In the aforementioned reportage, Tamrat Nega quotes "a source with intimate knowledge about the affairs of the hilltop palace of Meles Zenawi" in order to publish an outline of the Abyssinian tyrant’s illegal and inhuman involvement plan in Somalia that caused already more than a million of refugees. Tyrant Zenawi’s latest plan seems to be the result of great anxiety about the eventual collapse and disintegration of Abyssinia.

As regards the source that disclosed dictator Zenawi’s plan, Tamrat Nega keeps it under the veil of anonymity, stating that the source " is not willing to be quoted (by name) due to the sensitivity of the issue".

The title of Tamrat Nega’s article is very indicative: "Meles Proposes a Two-State Solution for Somalia". In the present article, we intend to enunciate a preliminary commentary on the Abyssinian tyrant’s monstrous and racist, anti-Somali plan.

A Committee to Prevent the Forthcoming Death of ‘Ethiopia’

According to the aforementioned reportage, earlier this year, tyrant Zenawi tasked a committee of Amhara and Tigray monitors of Somali affairs with a study, a strategic analysis, and a menu of options as regards the Abyssinian “national interests” and the way they would be better served in Somalia.

Of course, using the term “national interests” for a colonial dictatorial state like the Abyssinian obsolete and nonfunctional caricature is rather a figure of speech; in real terms what is meant through this expression is the combined, lawless interests of the Monophysitic Christian (heretic) populations of the Amhara and Tigray tribes that consist in a most racist and barbaric minority within the colonial caricature of Abyssinia.

In fact, all governments and diplomats, military and educational elites of the Abyssinian tribes express and serve their own tribal interests that are in straight and severe contradiction with those of the overwhelming majority of the country; we cannot therefore truly but only conventionally talk of “national interests”.

The African Dr. Jekyll Alemu Tekede, and the Dark Future of Abyssinia

As a matter of fact, the committee was chaired by one of the Zenawi regime’s most horrendous and criminal butchers, the notorious African Dr. Jekyll, Alemu Tekede, the guiding mind of all the misfortunes and injustices, crimes and felonies perpetrated in Somalia over the past decade. This multi-denounced and multi-repudiated individual has the position of minister of state for foreign affairs, which obliges him to travel constantly to Somaliland in order to dictate further policies to the pathetic lackeys of Hargeysa.

The aforementioned committee comprised senior officials of the ruling EPRDF, the tribal gang organization supporting dictator Zenawi, several military generals and security and intelligence officers (all exclusively Monophysitic Christian Amhara and/or Tigray).

Last August, in the aftermath of five months of consultations and deliberations, the committee “submitted to Meles a well-thought-out “red” dossier containing confidential policy proposals in last August”. They devised ways Abyssinia would overcome the geographical constrains of a landlocked country, as Abyssinia turned out to be in 1991, when Eritrea seceded.
They enumerated several pending threats for the country, involving

a) “the possibility of landlocked Ethiopia becoming “sandwiched” between two hostile countries, i.e. Eritrea in the north and Somalia in the south”,
b) “Ethiopia’s vulnerability to gruesome civil-war”,
c) “Ethiopian disintegration (if the current Ethiopian efforts in Somalia fail and the country fall back to the hand of ousted Islamic forces)”, and
d) the “possibility of Ethiopian Muslims becoming influenced or radicalized by Somalia’s Islamists which could ultimately ignite a devastating religious
war in the country”. The Recommendations of the Neo-Nazi butchers of Africa

To avert the aforementioned dangers, the committee recommended the following:

1. ”A two-state solution for Somalia along the pre-independence colonial boundaries. The committee suggested the Ethiopian government play a lead role in advocating for the international recognition of the breakaway republic of Somaliland”.

2. “Southern Somalia (former Italian Somaliland) to be divided into four federal regions in line with ethnic based Ethiopian federal system, namely, Puntland, Hawiyeland, Jubbaland and Rahanweinland”.

3. The Somali region of Ethiopia to be “isolated” from the rest of Somalia, and limit to the extent possible commercial and traffic links between the Somali region and Somalia.

An Analysis

The first point targets the National Unity of an Independent and Sovereign Nation that the Amhara and Tigray Abyssinian racists always coveted.
The historical hatred of the Abyssinians is due to their vast and unhealed complex of inferiority in front of the Somalis.

Compared to Somalia, Abyssinia has

1. A shorter, poorer, and lower historical record
2. A less significant contribution to the History of the Mankind
3. A definitely lower and more limited culture and education
4. A mean and miserable socio-behavioural system, due to the fact that most of the Somalis

have been more exposed to communications with India, Indonesia, Persia, Yemen and the Arabic peninsula, the Red Sea world, Sudan and Egypt. All this is summarized in the epigrammatic identification of the Somalis with a mundane and cosmopolitan character and the association of the Abyssinians with an isolated, raw, mountainous and barbaric ‘personality’.

5. A bitter, historical defeat at the hands of the Somalis that, as a non-assessed and non-accepted reality, intensifies the barbaric instincts of the Amharas and the Tigrays, who throughout the modern times never underwent any socio-cultural change readjustment.

6. A total lack of National Unity within its present – false – borders. On the contrary, Somalia features a supreme potentiality for National Unity, including even a province of Abyssinia (Ogaden). In fact, Abyssinia was never a nation, as the oppressed and tyrannized peoples never accepted the slightest trace of the abyssianization racist programs that tyrannically the Abyssinian dictators imposed on them.

Thus, whereas the Somalis make an entire nation with one Cultural, National Heritage, the Abyssinians, despite decades of terror exercised against the Oromos, the Ogadenis, the Sidamas, the Afars, the Anuak, the Agaw, the Kaffas, the Shekachos, the Wolayitas and others, never became a nation, being even gravely divided among themselves into Amharas and Tigrays.

7. Quasi-absolute lack of natural resources. Contrarily, the Somali natural resources are far more significant than what can be possibly found in the soil and the arid mountains of the Amhara and Tigray provinces. It is essential to bear in mind that all rich natural resources of Abyssinia are located in occupied territories of the subjugated nations.

Revengeful, uneducated Abyssinians fighting chimeras

To better assess the Abyssinian policy making dynamics, it is of seminal importance to understand the aberrations contained in the undeveloped and self-belittled minds of the Abyssinians, who tried ceaselessly in the 19th and the 20th centuries to take revenge for an event that occurred before almost 500 years, namely the Somali invasion and occupation of Abyssinia. By itself this highlights the racist and chauvinist attitude pursued by the Abyssinian religious, political, educational, military, and diplomatic class, which imperatively imposes an in-depth research, and the subsequent international denunciation and castigation of the Abyssinian policies.

Abyssinia against Somaliland’s international recognition

The first point illuminates a well hidden reality that all the Somalis of the Somaliland have to learn: Abyssinia, fallaciously renamed Ethiopia, promised a lot to Somaliland over the past 16 years, particularly in terms of international recognition. Yet, this reportage clearly indicates through the lines that Abyssinia never deployed the slightest effort for Somaliland’s international recognition thus far. This is only normal; as the Abyssinian tyrannical regime want to have Somaliland at their mercy, they have good reason to avert a perspective that would enable Somaliland get disentangled from the Abyssinian ruse and trap.

Peace in the Horn of Africa: after the elimination of the Abyssinian hyena

The second point expands the Abyssinian ‘divide et impera’ approach in the Somali South; it is therefore an even clearer proof of Abyssinia’s commitment and dedication to the appalling genocide that has been taking place in Somalia over the past 16 years. It demonstrates that peace and security in the Horn of Africa region will return only when the UN isolate and severely punish the Abyssinian hyena of nations and innocent peoples. It becomes apparent that what the inhuman monsters of Abyssinia intend to apply in the Somali South is what the already did in Ogaden, Oromia, Sidama Land, Afar Land, Kaffa Land and other territories and countries that they invaded in the past, subjugating the indigenous peoples.

Abyssinian intentions to perpetrate a genocide in Ogaden

The third point bears witness to the Abyssinian inhuman but adamant will to perpetrate in Ogaden the already started genocide; this point automatically cancels all the unbalanced approaches and suggestions of US Assistant Secretary Jendayi Fraser, who irresponsibly, immorally, and inhumanely said that Ogaden is an “internal affair” of Abyssinia.

The fabrication of the ‘Coptic Republic of Ethiopia’

All three points corroborate our earlier analyses about a criminally secretive and cruelly inhuman plan geared to produce a huge dictatorial circumference of butchery from the Egyptian border until Kenya that would be called ‘Coptic Republic of Ethiopia’; the same method suggested by Meles Zenawi’s disreputable committee for Somalia will be later proposed for Sudan, and then the prefabricated butchery of all the non Abyssinian nations of Eastern Africa will start.

That is why we will dedicate more articles to further analyze the subject, examining references to a possible collaboration of the political elite of Somaliland with the Abyssinian Zenawi regime of gangsters.

If this is correct, then all the Somalis of the non recognized state of Somaliland will have to join the Ogadenis and the other Somalis in an overwhelming revolution that will eradicate the Amhara – Tigray pestilence from all the still occupied countries and territories.
In case the Somaliland’s regime collaborated with the gangsters of dictator Zenawi, it becomes clear that it loses the last traces of legitimacy, becoming a burden for the northern Somalis – a burden that must be removed irrevocably.

Source: American Chronicle

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