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Education in Somaliland: as Racist as in fake Ethiopia?

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
Politics is the Art of the Effective and the Realistic; as such, it necessitates a permanent balance among various positions and interests. When politics turn to extreme, leaders, parties, countries are manipulated without their choosing, setting thus the context for their dependence.

Two new countries in the Horn of Africa region, Eritrea and Somaliland, have proven that by pulling on the string, they simply reach an impasse. Eritrea focused excessively on foreign issues, getting involved in wars against Sudan, Yemen, and Ethiopia. Because of this, Asmara jeopardized its own chances for socioeconomic and educational development.

Somaliland attributed a great part of importance to its alliance with Abyssinia; as Somaliland represents a part of the Somali territory, is inhabited by Somalis, and reflects part of the Somali National and Cultural Heritage, an alliance with Abyssinia, fallaciously re-baptized as Ethiopia, is practically impossible.

The reason is simple; you cannot become the ally of those who disrespecting your past and national heritage, hate your heroes, defame and minimize if not usurp your past, and oppress your compatriots, who happen to be involuntarily included of their territory.

Of course, even if there was not a Prehistory of Abyssinian Hatred against Somalia, even if Ogaden was not comprised within the Abyssinian territory, reasons of political and moral order would not possibly tolerate any cooperation, let alone alliance, with tyrannical, dictatorial Abyssinia, where so many tyrannized peoples have been met with Africa’s most atrocious practices and strategies of subjugation and repression.

Following the earlier publication of an article about recent, most preoccupying developments in Somalialand (Somaliland turns from Hope to Despair / http://www.buzzle.com/articles/somaliland-turns-from-hope-to-despair.html), a great number of Somalis from all parts of Somalia, Ogaden included, wrote to express solidarity, support and thanks.

In parallel, I received one – only one – mail from a Somali citizen of Somaliland, who expressed disagreement. The style of his reaction underscores the problems of Somaliland’s politics. As it is an indicative case, we find it beneficial to first publish and then comment on it. Numbers encrusted in the text refer to points of commentary.

Abdirizak Abdi, Somali citizen of Somaliland, writes:

“Sir, your hate for Ethiopia is so ugly 1 and makes you sound very petty 2. why dont you focus on Greek/Turkey problems and leave Africans alone 3. You are ignorant about the subject 4 that you are trying to talk about and you are not only making a fool out of yourself but strengthening those that you trying to work against.

I am a Somalilander and I sympathize with Meles 5 more than I do those useless Ogadenis 6. We have not forgotten the days of Siyyad Barre when we welcomed their refugees to Hargeisa and fought their war against Ethiopia only for them to turn around and kill us at the order of their Kin Siyyad Barre.

Learn the real history of somalia before uttering your emotional and biased nonesense that is shamelessly anti Ethiopia 7.

Long live Somaliland 8 ...:Long Live Etthiopia!!” 9

1. I don’t think anyone can find in my texts anything but rejection of the totalitarian practices by the Abyssinian barbaric and dictatorial rulers; this cannot be called ‘Hatred’. On the contrary, ‘hatred’ has been mostly and predominantly the basic characteristic of the Abyssinian invading armies and occupying forces; it was an unbelievable hatred mercilessly expressed by the cruel, perfidious and inhuman Amharas against the Oromos, the Afars, the Ogadenis, the Kaffa, the Shekachos, the Agaw, the Sidama, the Anuak, the Wolayita, the Kambatta, and others.

The question is this:

- Are the principles of Justice, Equity and Fairness basic elements of the educational system in Somaliland? Or contrarily to the hopes of the civilized world, has the non recognized country set the basis of its educational system on partiality, bias, and the sick Amhara egotism?
What monstrous state can a country be, if its citizens – like Abdirizak Abdi – are concerned with the supposed hatred expressed by just one person, and at the same time they disregard, avoid criticizing, and wholeheartedly accept the methodic, systematic, and massive Hatred of the Abyssinian hyenas that for more than 100 years ruined the lives and the culture of so many tyrannized peoples?

What monsters does Somaliland produce, and what is in this regard the responsibility of the indigenous minister of Education? On what grounds does Somaliland ask international recognition when such cantankerous and immoral graduates are prone to partiality and biased predisposition? How can characteristics like this unashamedly become part of the education Somalis get in Somaliland, in straight opposition to the Noble Somali traditions of Fairness and Benignity?

2. And how does a citizen of Somaliland sound, when behaving as a squalid slave of his own Heritage’s worst enemy?

3. ‘Leave the Africans alone’ sounds like ‘Leave the Europeans alone’ said to Americans and Soviets at the times of WW II! It also sounds like ‘let the Hutus kill the Tutsis’; how convincing!
Again, the perversity and the viciousness of Abdirizak Abdi’s mind is shown in this: he dares suggest to me to ‘leave the Africans alone’, whereas he did not say earlier the same to Richard Pankhurst, the ridiculous bogus-professor and ignorant pseudo-scholar, the most appalling falsifier of the Eastern African History! If fairness and not distortion prevailed in his mind, he would have asked the colonial relic of Pankhurst to get lost out of Africa.

4. When two years ago, I published four articles about the Historicity of Somaliland and the Other Berberia, the oligarchic state that existed on the same soil before 2000 years (Somaliland's historicity and the Periplus of the Red Sea / http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/8-20-2005-75188.asp - Somaliland – 'The Other Berberia' according to ‘the Periplus of the Red Sea’ / http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/8-23-2005-75321.asp – Malao - Berbera as possible Capital of 'The Other Berberia' (Ancient Somaliland) / http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/8-28-2005-75652.asp – The Eastern Coast of 'The Other Berberia' (Ancient Somaliland) according to the ‘Periplus of the Red Sea’ / http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/9-17-2005-77004.asp), I was knowledgeable; but because the uneducated slave of Somaliland thinks so, I now become “ignorant”! How pathetically idiotic!
However, the likes of the slave Abdirizak Abdi lost the opportunity to understand that the analysis of the historical texts pertaining to the Other Berberia helps only prove that the minuscule and insignificant Abyssinian kingdom of Axum did not control areas beyond Avalites (today’s Assab), damaging therefore the credibility of pseudo-scholars like Pankhurst and the Amhara – Tigray cannibals of the Abyssinian pseudo-universities who shamelessly assert execrable lies that suit the expansionist needs of their tyranny.

5. I don’t believe that any other except a Neo-Nazi could compose a sentence like that for the bloodthirsty, most criminal, and most inhuman dictator of Africa. That is why it is necessary to conduct an investigation in the Primary and Secondary of that unrecognized country in order to clarify whether under the coverage of the non recognition, Somaliland promotes similar type of Neo-Nazi, racist education as the Amhara – Tigray led tyranny of Abyssinia.

6. “Useless Ogadenis”: typical racist vocabulary, involving “useless Jews”, Untermenschen, “Gallas”, “insects” and the entire inventory compiled by the racist Amharas, Africa’s alien and barbaric element.

7. Ethiopia is the Ancient Greek name for the kingdom of Kush, in the immediate South of the Egypt, in the area of today’s Sudan. The modern tyranny of Abyssinia has absolutely no right to the fair name of Ethiopia; so I am not anti-Ethiopian, and I am not even anti-Abyssinian. If the Neo-Nazi elite of a barbaric realm like that of the Amharas and the Tigrays propagates historical falsehood, it is my right, as Historian, to denounce the falsehood and to state the correct.

8. With many people like Abdirizak Abdi, Somaliland will soon cease to exist.
9. The end of fake – Ethiopia started already; in Ogaden. And this is full ‘proof’ that the Ogadenis are not ‘useless’ as the uneducated, Neo-Nazi Abdirizak Abdi ridiculously assumes.
In a forthcoming article, we will address the case of Somaliland’s education in its entirety.


Picture: Berbera - The main harbour of Somaliland; as long as Amhara and Tigray Abyssinians massacre the Ogadenis, Abyssinians have no place in this harbour.

Source: American Chronicle - First published Oct. 28, 2007

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