Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Somalia: Somaliland is “beacon of stability and democracy” (Readers Series)

OPINION/ By Sadik M. HassanSomaliland is a country that is a beacon of stability and democracy in Africa. Somaliland was independent before Somalia, however we as Somaliland decided to join with Somalia with the express aim of creating a Greater Somalia on 1st July 1960. This union was never ratified by vote.

This Union collapsed in 1991, Somalia became a failed state, and it was then that Somaliland decided to reclaimed its independence as a sovereign and separate nation. Today, even the most narrow sighted observer accept that Somaliland and Somalia are two nations. Ethnically, we have the same background, WE ARE BROTHERS & SISTERS But we have different political view. We Somalilanders thought that we can be mix together and be two countries which go together like Sweden and Norway in the past, then we saw after the civil that Somaliland and Somalia are on a different political paths, and have always been. At this point Somaliland can actually help Somalia to get peace but if Somaliland tries now, it not doesn't yet has the power to bring peace in there because we have not get the recognition.

I hope the international community will one time know how Somaliland is important with East Africa to be peace, Somaliland is the only country in East Africa who has developed without war inside them and develops everyday in a democratic way.So, I said I understand we worry about the slaughter in Somalia, despite the good intentions of the International community, but people say Somalia has many clans, but so does Somaliland.

What most people will not admit to is that there is, or never has been democratic roots in Somalia. There is no concept of dialogue, discussion and then consensus. That is where Somaliland is different. We Somalilanders have made on ourselves from the civil war, Somaliland has held elections, has developed democratic improvements without recognition.

Somaliland is a good example to other African nations that democracy and good governance are the keys. Somaliland has made a decision in 1991 to regain its sovereignty, this decision is not negotiable, furthermore there is a new generation, the future of Somaliland, that have know nothing but Somaliland.

Are we going to punish them for their forefathers mistakes? Somaliland is going to be always a country whether the international community will recognise or not, the citizens will not allow anymore unions that lead to nothing but mayhem and destruction. Thank you and I hope that people will understand how Somaliland is important in getting East Africa peace and order.

Source: Jima Times

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