Friday, December 28, 2007

Iran ready to implement economic projects in Djibouti - Davoudi

Iran-Djibouti-Davoudi Iran's First Vice-President Parviz Davoudi said here Friday that Iran is ready to contribute to implementation of different economic projects in Djibouti.
Davoudi told Djiboutian Prime Minister Delita Mohammed Delita that Iran is capable of commissioning projects in Africa, in Djibouti in particular, regarding its rich experience in the fields of petrochemical, dam building, housing, refinery and power plant construction in Central Asia, South Africa, the Middle East and other African states.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Davoudi underscored Iran's right for access to peaceful nuclear energy.

"Release of a report by 16 US intelligence institutions made it clear that Iran has had no diversion in its nuclear activities and they are peaceful in nature. The acknowledgement to righteousness of Iran, negates any possibility for referral of Iran's case to the UN Security Council from the International Atomic Energy Agency." He thanked Djibouti for defending Iran at the international communities on Tehran's peaceful nuclear projects and for human rights issue.

Delita for his part, defending Iran's stance for access to peaceful nuclear energy, said his country will always stand beside Iranian government and nation.

"Close viewpoints by the two countries can help further upgrade mutual relations," said Delita, urging Iran to contribute to his country's economic projects.

Source: Irna

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